10 Ways To Massively Improve Staff Morale At Work [With Download]

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10 Ways To Massively Improve Staff Morale At Work [With Download]

Is your business struggling with poor performance, high staff turnover or lack of group cooperation? Then your business may be suffering from low morale. Keeping a watchful eye on staff morale is important when maintaining a productive and profitable business.  If you can see signs of low morale, you can easily introduce new strategies to make your employees feel valued.

When your staff are unhappy it can be detrimental to work efficiency, cause a higher turnover of staff and cause a negative work culture. You don’t want any of that. Improve staff morale in the workplace with these top tips.


1) Appreciate Individual Success

When an employee has a successful achievement (they surpassed their expected targets, they impressed a client or they suggested an amazing idea), make sure you give them credit.  A small ‘well done!’ can do wonders compared to being ignorant. Employees want to be appreciated for their hard work. Yes, this is their job but they spend most of their time and energy working hard for you.

If their exemplary efforts are recognised, they will see they are a recognised member of the team and that’s crucial to increasing individual morale.


2) Make Work Fun

It’s understandable to wonder, here, if employees are having a fun time, then what happens to work time? But your employees need to have fun, make work more than just a job. Take some time to create fun and interactive recreational activities for employees.

A majority of employees will not spend time with their colleagues outside of work so most of the conversations they have will obviously be just about work. Host small parties or fun activities to get your employees interacting and working together in a fun way. This will help boost team working skills.

3)  Encourage Personal Development

Getting stuck in the same job every day, for months and years can have a damaging effect on employee’s morale. If they feel like they are stuck in a dead end job, they will more likely want to find another one.

Encourage your employees to learn new skills and give them time during the working week to focus time on personal development. You can send employees to workshops hosted by other businesses or organise to have your whole team experience a new skills workshop.  If your employees are learning, they will also be thinking of new ideas to better your business.


4)  Change Up The Working Week

Doing the exact same routine every single day gets boring.  Some people find the experience of a routine very cathartic but for others it can be stressful and make the working day feel very monotonous. Bored employees tend to make unenthusiastic employees and that can be detrimental to work flow.

HERE’S AN IDEA: Have frequent bring your dog to work days. They’re proven to reduce stress, increase happiness and improve productivity.

5) Celebrate Business Milestones Together

You should be celebrating your employees and you should be also celebrating your company. When your company grows a year older or passes a target, celebrate it with your employees. Your colleagues are working to better your business and each year the business grows older is a success signaling your employees are doing a good job.


6)  Invite New Ideas

Encourage people to speak up. Employees aren’t mindless drones, they have ideas and they are working in the midst of the environment where they can see for themselves what can make the job better or improve current strategies.

Take time to talk to employees and welcome them to give you suggestions. If they don’t feel comfortable speaking forthrightly, suggest they send you an email or even introduce an ‘anonymous ideas’ box. When your employees have good ideas, acknowledge them and tell your employee they will be considered.


7) Reward

Reward employees who deserve it. When they complete outstanding work, reward them  with what you think is best; an extra day’s holiday, pay bonus, gift vouchers, etc. When employees see they are rewarded for outstanding work, they will aim to accomplish exemplary work instead of what is just expected.

8) Have An Open Office Floor AND Quiet Areas Too

Having your employees working and talking together can help boost morale.  Separating colleagues in offices or using unfriendly cubicles does not encourage people to talk to each other. Open floor spaces and putting teams together gives your employees to keep socially active.

You can’t expect your colleagues to sit in silence for eight hours, an open office space invites your employees to discuss strategies and talk to someone if they need help.  But this also relies on building more teamwork.

At the same time, noise in open plan offices is a major headache in more ways than one. It harms productivity, causes distractions and this leads to low morale. Make sure employees who need some peace and quiet have a place they can go and work in silence.

This way, everybody’s happy. Read about this topic in further detail here.


9) Lighten Up!

Make sure your office is well lit and if you can, have large windows to let in natural light.  Proper lighting can help productivity and improve employees’ attitudes. With the approach of winter, it’s normal for some people to feel like they lack energy because of the declining amount of light during the day.  Buy lights to keep the office alight with bright energy.

10) Design Your Office With Positive Colours

Your office space is an important part of inspiring office morale.  A dimly lit and plainly designed workspace will have a negative effect on your employee’s emotional attitudes. Bright colours can improve positive attitudes. The colour red has been known for boosting energy whilst green can help you feel happy. Use different colours in different rooms to help inspire moral.

A positive employee morale boasts many benefits for a company. If your company is a fun and happy place to work your employees will be their best for you and want to help your business succeed.


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