6 Stunning Office Desk Lamps In The Home And At Work

6 Stunning Office Desk Lamps In The Home And At Work

Just like choosing any piece of furniture, picking an office desk lamp can be tricky. It needs to fulfil a specific purpose but also complement the visual aesthetic of your workspace. No matter if you’re picking a desk lamp for your office or for your home, the style of your lamp is important. We’ve picked out some incredible styles of office desk lamps to give you inspiration and help you find the perfect lamp for your desk.

Modern Lamp

Nowadays, more offices are adopting a modern theme. Cubicles and cellular layouts are becoming a thing of the past. Employers are choosing open office spaces instead and using modern technology and furnishings. This modern lamp is smart and sleek. The style would complement many modern offices and the design of the lamp would greatly benefit people who needed a lamp when reading.

Back ten years ago, most desk lamps were large and took a lot of space. Take inspiration from this desk lamp, it provides plenty of light but does not demand lots of desk space.

1930s Lamp

You don’t need to choose a modern desk lamp to get a stylish light. This 1930s inspired desk lamp takes inspiration from the past and offers a smart and adjustable light. If your office has a retro style, then it’s definitely recommended you choose retro lights, fixtures and fittings to get the complete effect.

These 1930s replica lights would work well in a home office and a specially designed office space.

DIY Desk Lamp

You can get very creative with office desk lamps. This DIY lamp was created from scratch. Built from wood, the DIY design shows off creativity. Offices that encourage employees to be creative and collaborate with new ideas would benefit from furniture styles that are creative too.

While it may cost more to get furniture independently made to match your office design, it can greatly benefit overall morale at work. Employees appreciate workspaces that have individuality and are fun to work in. When employees are spending at least eight hours a day, five days a week, in the office, the appearance of their workspace is important to them.

The more you invest into the quality of your workspace and furniture, the longer it will be until it has to be replaced.

Hanging bulb

This hanging bulb is rather plain but it is also rather creative too. For an architect or an employee who has to regularly work with small print, an overhanging bulb can provide extra beneficial lighting. A hanging office desk lamp can be used at home and in the office. Another major benefit of this style is the fact it takes very little desk space. If you’re regularly working with lots of paperwork or you struggle for room on your desk, an overhead desk lamp can save you valuable space.

Old Fashioned Lantern

Like the 1930s inspired desk lamp, this fashionable desk lantern takes inspiration from the past. What’s great about these type of lamps is that they’re incredibly stylish and the historical appeal makes them look very impressive.

Depending on the design of your office, this lamp would probably be better suited for home offices.

Pipe Lamp

If you really want your office decor to stand out and make a lasting impression, then these desk pipe lamps are incredible. They’re stylish and the pipe design makes them unique. An office’s design can significantly influence an employee’s productivity. By creating an interesting and inspiring workspace, you can motivate employees and inspire new ideas.

Do you know which type of desk you need for work?

Each office desk has their own function so it’s important you have the right desk to work at. Having an unsupportive desk is uncomfortable and negatively affects your productivity. Our guide shows every type of office desk available and explains their main purpose, to help you find the best desk for your needs.


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