7 ways our all-in-one office move solution will save you time, money & stress

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7 ways our all-in-one office move solution will save you time, money & stress

As we’re an experienced office movement, refurbishment and design company, we understand how stressful an office move can be. When you’re dealing with several companies and trying to keep to a schedule,  you can feel like you’re juggling blindfolded. That’s why at Elm Workspace we’ve designed our services so we can offer an all-in-one office move solution.  Here is how you can save time, money  and stress by working with us.

1. New office design

When buying a new office, many people hire an independent company to help design the layout of their future work space. Buying the services of a company just to get a design blueprint can be costly as there are usually additional admin fees. This also doesn’t always take into account delivery times, supply and aftersales care.

By getting your new office design with Elm Workspace, you can keep in contact with the designers at all times and with the same company designing the space and supplying the furniture, you can be sure that everything will suit.

Our office space designers will be involved from the start of your project to the end, to make it an easy all-in-one office move. What’s more, our teams are in constant contact with each other so you can trust that the design will be followed through with and any issues quickly resolved without the need to contact you.

2. You don’t need a moving van, we’ll move it (we can store it too)

Hiring a removal company can get expensive if you’re not sure how long you need to use them for.  Deciding to move your furniture by yourself can save money but if you don’t have experience moving furniture and technology you could end up damaging them during the move and sometimes, there is simply just too much to move on your own.

Our movers have years of experience and can move the furniture without a hitch. We can also take old furniture straight to our storage facilities before it’s moved into the new space, or dispose of it completely for you. No other firm offers this all-in-one service.

3. Help choose your furniture

If you decide to buy new furniture for your new office, it can be stressful trying to find the the right system that will meet budget requirements and also fit in the space easily. With our all-in-one office move services, we can give you advice on what furniture you would likely need and ensure that this fits into your intended budget.

We don’t just get you new furniture, we can help you assemble it as well. Our trained and experienced teams can assemble specialist and fitted furnishings so you don’t have to stress with the instructions.

4. Exclusive furniture suppliers

Because of our links with our sister company All Furniture Store, we have access to exclusive furniture lines. We also get our hands on exclusive deals which can help save you money as well as get specialised furnishings.

5. You don’t need to manage everything, we’re the planners

Organising an office move can take a lot of time (find out how long it can take to move office). If you’re balancing your work duties and planning an office move, it can get very stressful. As we offer all-in-one services, we can organise every step of your office move for you. We will communicate with our moving teams and find out when the furniture will be delivered so you don’t have to chase multiple companies. Having one point of contact for the whole project will make your life much easier, just pick up the keys to your new office when we are done!

6. Professional advice and consultation in all areas

When you’re dealing with multiple companies, you’re likely to get different, and sometimes conflicting, advice. At Elm Workspace, along with our services you get our knowledge so we can give you advice and consultation (if you need it). Moving offices can be stressful and there’s a lot of factors you need to prepare for.

7. All-in-one solution means less stress

Getting an all-in-one office solution means we can take some of the stress off your shoulders. With so many factors to prepare for and organise, it can make an office move feel like the end of the world but moving offices should be an exciting and productive time for you and your company.


View  our portfolio to see the work spaces we’ve designed and turned into a reality. Creative offices, educational areas and corporate environments, we’ve worked on them all.  Our clients include: Just Eat, Clarks, Oxford University and Barratt Homes:

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