8 Ways To Cope With Working Over Christmas & New Year

8 Ways To Cope With Working Over Christmas & New Year

If you are having to be in the office over the festive period, there might be times when your concentration starts to wane. Be it because of an upcoming celebration you can’t wait to arrive, the effects of a previous celebration you can’t wait to leave, or simply because there aren’t many other people in the office; you need some ways to cope with working over Christmas and into the New Year.

Be Mentally Prepared

First of all, being in work over the Christmas period isn’t ideal. Especially when loved ones are on holiday.

However, that said, the first thing anyone needs to do to prepare for working during the festive season is to accept the fact that whilst your friends and family are lounging on the settee or relaxing  – you are in the office.

Getting your head around this and accepting it, is just what has to be done. Grin and bear it, get your head down, follow this advice and it will be home time before you know it.


Avoid Social Media

It will probably be best to avoid social media whilst at work. Especially if your ‘oh-so-hilarious friends’ and followers know that you are in the office and enjoy teasing you by tagging you in fun pictures.

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, and the posts you don’t see, can’t make you wish you were out of work and joining the festivities. If you have a habit of checking Facebook and Twitter on your phone, keep your phone in your bag so you won’t be tempted to check.


Lighten The Atmosphere

If you are cutting off the festive mood which is emanating out of your social media newsfeeds, you will need to make sure you lighten the atmosphere in the office (less you all start to sink into a Scroogeful pit of resentment).

If there are a select number of you in work during this time, do something to lighten the atmosphere and foster a bit of camaraderie.

Why not bring in some food and drin- related treats for each other. Or, if somebody gets a spare 20 minutes, why not have them head to the bakers or sandwich shop and get a hot breakfast order picked up.

Aside from food and drink, play some background music which will encourage that festive feeling even though you are all at work. Somebody is bound to have a music streaming account (and if not they tend to offer initial free trials) and something like a Jazz Christmas playlist is familiar yet not too repetitive.

Because hearing what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas for the 2000th time this December might just send some of your colleagues into a foul mood.


Get In The Spirit Together

Or, alternatively, fully embrace the spirit of the season. Add to the decorations, get the radio playing the go-to Christmas favourites, hold a Jacob’s join buffet lunch and maybe even head to the local for a small toast to a hard day’s work before you all head home.


Take Advantage Of The Quiet Time

Probably, excluding the likes of retail and healthcare, the chances are that your office is a little quieter at this time of year. People will be on annual leave, if it isn’t compulsory for only a few staff to be in to manage the essentials or cater for emergencies.

So this means the office will be quieter. So will your email inbox and to-do list.

Use this quiet time to finally get some deep thinking research or planning done. With less distractions and disturbances, you can benefit from working more productively.


Reward Yourselves

If you are the ones working at this time, whilst others are off, make sure you are suitably rewarded.

This could come in the form of time off in lieu, ensuring that different names are on the Christmas rota next year or even getting the first pick of the summer holiday dates. Alternatively, a more immediate reward could be sorted.

How does finishing half an hour early finish?


Get Ahead Where You Can

If you are having to be in the office to monitor any potential issues or simply because you have run out of annual leave; use the time to get ahead for next year, as much as possible.

This could include finally sorting out the folders of paperwork into a more legible and streamlined order, researching new software that the company could use in the coming year or simply conducting some medium and long-term planning.


Do Some Planning

One element of which, could be improving the layout and productivity of your office and its furniture. Be it stand up desks or collaborative work areas; there’s definitely some aspect of your office which could benefit from installing some new furniture or tweaking its design slightly.

If you’d like some further reading, check out our guide to buying furniture. You might want to order some new furniture or just talk about office refurbs and redesigns.

Whichever it is, make sure you also find some time over the next few days to enjoy the festive season. And have a great New Year.

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