8 ways to inspire cultural change in the workplace

Cultural Changes

8 ways to inspire cultural change in the workplace

Having a positive work culture is something all employers dream of. Employees need to be happy to stay motivated and it’s important to consider how your business’ culture affects them. Many ways to improve cultural change at work can be inexpensive and inspire many benefits to your business’ output.

Culture can be hard to change if employees become accustomed to certain ways of working. But, there are always ways to improve this. For example, an anonymous survey can be a helpful way to find out what your employees really think.

We’ve rounded up some of the key ways you can inspire cultural change in the workplace:

1) Build a great team

Your employees are not just individual workers, they are also a big team, moving your business forward. Meetings that keep employees informed of how the company is progressing helps your team feel like they are involved and they will develop a greater sense of emotional attachment to their work.

Keep communication open and show your business has a culture of listening to their employees. Most people want to please and show they are working hard. By keeping people involved, they will more likely share ideas on how the business can improve.

2) Be more digitalDigital

Being online is a must for all businesses. Sending emails, creating professional documents, conducting online research, are just a few digital tasks completed every day in modern companies. Using online management systems can also help to keep your teams organised and keep everyone aware of what everyone is doing.

 3) Find your influencers

You need to find the influencers in your company AND those in your industry. In your company you can help inspire cultural change by finding the people who have good ideas and are regarded as natural leaders.  They will be useful comrades when introducing new changes and they can help other employees adapt.

You can also work with key influencers in the industry. If your company is seen aligning with important voices, it will be approved by customers and your employees. They will know your company is genuine and on the right path to success.

4) Share it all

Just like your employees, your customers also want to know what isthe word goal on a whiteboard happening. Don’t be secretive about your business’ work process, be informative and share relevant information with your customers. Nowadays more customers want information and they will like the honest culture of your business and will more likely become a returning customer (and even recommend your services to others).

If you are honest to customers it can inspire a culture of honesty in the workplace.  Employees will be more willing to speak freely and share their honest opinions. The way your business acts to customers will be reflected in the way your company works behind the scenes.

5) Introduce company incentives

Offering incentives for employees who work harder will help inspire cultural change. Gamification is the process of making activities more entertaining. By making work more fun for your employees, they will be inspired to take more of an active interest in their role. You can create monthly targets and reward those who have performed beyond expectation. You need to make work more than just a job, prizes and group activities can make work fun and inspire people to accomplish goals and breakaway from old traditions.

6) Make your employee’s life easier

Back in the day, it was standard for employees to work 9-5 but now more employers are willing to adapt to their workers’ needs. Be aware of modern work practices and be flexible for your employees when possible. If they request flexible working hours or working from home, see if that is manageable. Employees who feel like their company has gone the extra mile for them, will be encouraged to pay you back in return.

7) Communicate your motivations clearly

What is your business’ message? Do you have one? How is it communicated? Your company’s message should be communicated in your brand so your customers and your employees understand you. Your logo, your designs, the layout of your workspace should be a reflection of your company. If your employees are working in an environment that incorporates your brand they will become a part of your brand’s mission statement and be inspired to be part of your culture.

8) Design a productive workspace

Close knit cubicles can convey an isolated and unsocialable working environment. An office refurbishment designed to inspire a fun and interesting place to work can improve cultural change. Relaxing areas for your employees to recharge their batteries can help inspire new ideas and increase workflow.

There are many ways you can inspire cultural change at work, be willing to try new ideas and transform your working environment into a space  that invites people to adapt.

Share your tips on what you think helps to inspire cultural change in the comments below!:

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