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Office Interior Design & Branding

Ready To Give Your Internal Office Branding An Update?

The internal design of your office can have a major impact. It can positively and negatively influence your employees, visitors and your customers. Your office design should be your canvas. That’s why it’s important you don’t skimp on your internal office branding.

Interior office branding relates to everything inside your workspace. The colour themes used, furniture, equipment, style, artwork, etc. Even the layout of your office can influence how people perceive your company. For example, offices that are open-planned and use glass partitions are considered to be more modern compared to offices that use cubicles. First impressions really do count.

There are many benefits of internal office branding. For a start, you can impress visitors and customers. If they see you have invested in the design of your office, they will know that you’re a serious company and they will be more interested by what you have to say. An office design that has a positive impact is more memorable, which means it’ll be harder for potential customers to forget about you. In the eyes of your staff, working in an office that has a design which reflects the culture of your company will help bring people together. It reminds people that you’re all part of a team and working towards the company’s vision and goals. The design of your office can also influence how productive and happy employees are at work. Studies have shown that the layout, appearance and style of the office can significantly affect how people feel. You have a lot to consider when designing your internal office branding.

At Elm Workspace, we have designed offices for companies throughout the South West (such as Wiltshire and Bristol). Office branding can be done from the ground up. We have worked with educational and commercial companies to restructure their workspaces. We have created brand new designs for their offices; incorporated designed glass partitions; used company branding on walls, furniture and artwork; and created themes for different workrooms. We have transformed workspaces into physical branding.

If you choose internal branding and design with us, we will visit your workspace and have a meeting with you to assess your current office and understand what you hope to achieve. We can then create a CGI render to help you visualise what your office could look like. If you’re happy with what you see, we can start the work for you too.

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