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Carpets / Flooring

We Offer Professional And Quality Office Flooring Solutions

When designing your office, you have to consider everything; from top to bottom. While you may be tempted to skimp out on your flooring and choose a cheaper option, you need to remember that the quality of your flooring will have a major impact on your office’s overall appearance. Here’s another fact you can’t afford to forget: there will be employees and customers walking on that floor; if you think your office needs new flooring, then don’t worry, our office flooring solutions will do the trick.

Office carpets and flooring are commercially designed to be more durable and long lasting, compared to cheaper alternatives. Carpets used in homes are high quality but they are not designed to withstand thousands of steps walking on it. This lack of long-term durability is the same with other types of flooring too. When choosing flooring for your office, it has to be resistant and positively complement the style of your entire office. For office flooring, you will also have to consider whether it offers slip-resistant, grip features. Slippery floors are the common cause of slips, trips and falls at work.

With Elm Workspace, we can assess your current workspace, offer appropriate flooring options and our flooring team will fit it all for you. Rather than having to work with several companies, we can do everything. We can provide samples and help you choose a flooring style that’s suitable for your workspace and your budget.

Choosing our office flooring solutions means you’re working with a company who has installed flooring in commercial and educational establishments. Our installation team do this for a living and ensure everything is installed to a high standard. They will check the floors are set up correctly and flat to avoid any potential trip hazards. We’re a professional team who can do the work when your employees are in or out of the office. We have experience working with carpets, wood, lino and many other flooring materials.

If you have any questions about the flooring solutions we provide, please get in touch with our team. We have fitted commercial flooring in Bristol, Wiltshire and throughout the South West.

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