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Commercial Office Ceilings

A modern, professional workplace needs a sharp looking office ceiling. Just as you would put a great deal of thought into the tiling or carpet for the floor, a lot of care should go into the ceiling, whether as part of a whole office refurbishment or as a one-off job to improve the appearance of your office.
With Elm Workspace, you can get everything you need for the right new ceiling in one place. We can take you through the whole process, from settling on the right look and feel of the office ceiling (in line with broader concerns of branding and design), to providing and installing the tiles with minimal disruption to your working routines.
Why go through multiple different companies when we can handle it all? Our commitment to clear communication and excellent service means that we work with you at every step of the process. Our team has years of experience in all aspects of office refurbishment, so your project will be in good hands.
Working with Elm, you have a lot of power over the appearance of your new office ceiling and the effects it will have on the workplace. Alongside basic design choices, you can also choose materials with different acoustics - a popular example is sound-dampening tiles that help keep offices from getting too loud.
Once you’ve chosen the materials, we can work with you to determine how long the job should take, depending on your working habits and budget. When we start work, we will remove any furniture and equipment that might be at risk before removing the old ceiling, we can then manage any electrical work, install the new ceiling and clean up any debris.
Call us on the number at the top of the page today to start the conversation about your new office ceiling. We would love to discuss your requirements and help you decide on the best course of action.

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