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When it comes to classroom tables for your educational establishment, it is important to select the most appropriate for your needs. They are an expensive investment and one that you need to choose with care. With so many different styles of tables for classrooms available from a wide variety of manufacturers selecting the perfect ones for your educational setting it is important to ensure that you choose the best ones for the job.

When looking for classroom desks it is important to consider the height of your tables carefully. They need to be appropriate for the height of the students who will be using them, and also your classroom chairs, of course. The best tables for your students are ones that help them with good posture so that they are comfortable. If you are looking for quality classroom tables for a higher education setting, then you may prefer to choose single occupant desks.

Here at Elm Workspace we have put together a collection of school classroom tables from some of the top UK manufacturers, and because we understand that sometimes you may need replacement school desks in a hurry, many items are held in stock for fast UK delivery. We offer a wide range of high quality, cost effective desks in a wide range of sizes and colours with something to suit every age of student from primary through to higher education. The tables that we stock come in a fantastic range of sizes and shapes including rectangular, square, round and trapezoidal – they are ideal for creating a variety of working spaces within your classroom. They also have a range of coloured edges which are durable and made from MDF, PU and PVC. Fully welded or crush bent frames allow these tables to be stacked which can help save valuable floor space. If the tables you need will be used in a classroom with mixed age children, then height adjustable tables offer you the flexibility to accommodate a range of ages without the need for a variety of different height tables.

For a higher education setting we also carry a good range of both standard and premium space saving folding desks which are suitable for use in examination halls. All of the tables and school classroom desks that we stock are durable with easy to clean worktops, robust frames and of course are made to last.

For more information on our range of classroom tables or to make an enquiry get in touch with us today.

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Students spend a huge amount of their time sat at their schools desks, writing, learning and reading, it is vital that their classroom tables are up to the job. We offer a great range of classroom tables for nursery, primary, secondary schools, colleges and universities which are high quality, durable, cost effective all available in a wide range of sizes and colours which are in stock in the UK.

for all ages

We have worked closely with our manufacturers to source classroom table ranges that have been designed using the most popular combination of shapes, colours, table tops and frames. Having the correct table height is essential for student concentration, posture, comfort and skeletal development. Our team of educational specialists can best advise you on the latest BS EN 1729 table height guides when specifying your project to ensure a safe versatile solution whatever your classroom size.

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At Elm Workspace we are proud to be one of the leading companies in the South West when it comes to supplying & specifying office and education furniture. We offer an extensive range of desking, chairs, storage and breakout furniture.
We are committed to providing our customers exceptional service. We have a number of delivery services available, all tailored to your requirements including next day, 5-7 day and nominated day deliveries. For further information on delivery and installation service contact our sales team today.


Attention to detail is key to a successful design and installation. Many factors are considered when space planning such as departmental association, business functionality and aesthetics. Our team is dedicated to maximise the capacity of your working area or classroom in an efficient way. Using the latest software our team produce 2D plans and 3D renders. Why not book your free space plan and let us enhance your existing working space.