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Data Cabling

Don’t Get Tangled, We Can Configure Your Office Data Cabling

In every office there are wires. Electrical wires are the blood vessels of any modern, working office. Computers, printers, telephones and other electrical equipment require cabling to work effectively, otherwise your office and production will be at a standstill. If you’re moving to a new office or thinking about having a redesign, your office data cabling should be organised and setup correctly to ensure there are no problematic hiccups and to help reduce the risks of any safety hazards. At Elm Workspace, we can sort that for you.

Every modern office has hundreds of wires running through it. Most offices require all of their electrical energy to run smoothly so it’s important they are setup to the correct standard from the very beginning. Just plugging too many plugs into one socket can cause an electrical fire hazard. Having too many wires on the floor also runs the risk of an employee suffering a trip or fall at work. It’s up to the employer or office administrator to ensure all office data cabling is safely put together and reduce the risks of any potential hazards.

With Elm Workspace, our experienced office refurbishment team can create a safe cabling system for your office. By assessing your workspace, they can determine the best arrangement for your cabling. If there are any problems, they can offer solutions to make sure your wiring does not cause any issues. For cabling often found around desks, we can offer cable management solutions such as desks with wire management features to keep long wires under control. We can incorporate and organise your wiring into the infrastructure of your workspace. If you’re moving offices, our team can come in to setup your office cabling and check your wiring is working safely and efficiently before your staff come into work.

It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure all cabling is organised and managed safely. However, it’s also important to remember that untidy wiring can look unprofessional. If your office regularly has clients visiting, you need to remember that first impressions matter.

Speak to our team here at Elm Workspace to find out more about our office wiring services, we have helped companies in Wiltshire, Bristol and throughout the South West.

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