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It doesn’t matter whether you have a small office space where space is tight and fitting everything you need in can be tricky, or a larger workspace with the luxury to place furniture how you like; the decision on how your office space should be designed can be a complicated one to sort out. The key to a good office is, of course, in the detail, and that means clever design. You will need to use the space that you do have in the most efficient way. This might require some rather clever thinking in order to solve any problems you encounter along the way.

At Elm Workspace, we understand that maximising your available space to offer your employees a workplace that is streamlined, efficient and above all a pleasant place to work in is important. Your office space is about more than just the furniture you place in it. It is the way in which you place it as well. This is why we have a team of in-house design and space planning experts who have years of experience on hand to help you. We will work with you to create a design that uses the space you have in the most efficient way possibly in order to achieve a space that helps you improve the way in which you do business.

Starting the design process couldn’t be simpler when you work with Elm. It can easily be broken down into two steps, those of space planning and design. One of our design team will discuss with you at length all your requirements and how you need the space to work for you. In order to design the type of office space that will work for your company we need to understand what it is you do on a daily basis and how your staff work, so that we can consider what options will work well for them, and of course spot any potential issues.

Using this information, together with the exact measurements of your office space and the number of employees who will be using the area, we will be able to produce a series of detailed plans for your new office space. These will help you to visualise the proposed new office space and of course allow us to make any changes should they be needed.

Once we have produced a design that you are happy with the rest is just a matter of installation, and pretty soon your employees will be benefiting from a custom designed office space that has been put together with their needs in mind.

For more information on our design and space planning service or to make an enquiry get in touch with us today.

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