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Digital Wall Installation

The increasingly widespread availability of digital technology means that digital walls are great additions for a wide range of businesses and offices. No longer an exclusive promise available only to the army and the CEOs of multinational corporations, digital walls are now widely used by businesses and educational establishments across the UK to present information to employees and clients in a clear, accessible manner.
Elm Workspace offers a complete digital wall installation service, working with you from start to finish to provide you with a screen that suits the purposes of your company right through to the final installation. Working with just one company throughout the process has a number of benefits, not least that we completely understand the products that we’re selling and installing, which reduces the risk of any potential complications along the way - and we know that you don’t want any complications when you’re dealing with an investment like this.
When we talk about digital walls, we mean large LCD screens attached to a wall, perhaps in a meeting room, a reception area or even in the main office space itself. Digital walls serve a range of purposes depending on the requirements of the company. Some simply use them as large TV screens to keep employees or visitors up to date with news or current promotions, but they’re more commonly used as interactive aids to help with presentations and informational resources for employees or clients. Overall, digital walls are a great asset for keeping everyone up to speed with exactly what’s going on around the company.
Getting a digital wall is not just about choosing the right display, it also needs to be installed correctly first time. We’re experts in office refurbishments and installations and will ensure that your screen is securely fitted to the wall, minimising the risk of anything going wrong in the future as far as humanly possible. It is essential that you can trust your installation company with this responsibility.
Get in touch with Elm Workspace today to start the conversation about how you could transform your office with one of these digital walls. We’re sure you won’t regret having one installed, and to ensure that that’s the case, start talking to us today to have everything properly organised right from the start.

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