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Digital Walls

Promote, Educate And Inform With Digital Walls

Thanks to the advancement of technology, more companies are incorporating digital equipment into their office design and interior branding. Have you ever considered having a LCD Video Wall in your reception area or a meeting room? There are many benefits to having a digital wall.

Digital video walls are becoming more and more popular in offices and workspaces throughout the country. Utilising computer technology in your offices shows your employees and customers that you’re a modern working environment that is keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. An LCD video wall is a large video screen (available in many sizes) that is attached to a wall. It could be used as a television but most businesses use it to promote their business and interact with customers.

Having a video wall offers many benefits. If positioned in a reception area or in a place where visitors and customers frequent, your digital wall can be a unique promotional tool to display your latest adverts. A video wall located in a staff room or open workspace can act as an information board for employees to keep them in the loop of recent company news. Due to the sophistication of technology, some digital walls can be integrated with other technological systems to display information (for example, from computers and servers).

Digital walls are popularly used by the armed forces, educational establishments, control room operators and business leaders. Large digital displays can keep everyone up-to-date with the latest data and information. In an office, digital walls can be used to promote the company and the brand. Touch screen sensitive displays can also have interactive activities which would be beneficial if you want to educate or work with children.

At Elm Workspace, we can measure and fit digital video walls for you. Due to their large sizes, video walls are heavy and require specialised fixtures and reinforced walls. If the screen falls from the wall, it can damage the screen, the wall and cause injury. To avoid any risks of the screen falling, get it professionally fitted in the first place. Discover how a large-scale display screen can benefit your workspace. We have fitted digital walls in Wiltshire, Bristol and throughout the South West.

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