Display Wall Ideas And Tips For Your Office

Display Wall Ideas And Tips For Your Office

Display walls in your office are a great way to promote your company, share information and benefit the appearance of your office. Being creative with your displays can transform them into an appealing and unique feature. In this article, have a look at how other companies use their displays and we offer some advice on how to best use yours.

Don’t Be A Plain Jane: Your Display Wall Needs To Make An Impression

Having a creative display makes a greater impression on the people who see it. If your noticeboard hopes to encourage people to make a specific action like giving to charity, signing up to an event or learning more about a business, then your display needs to be eye-catching.


This Dogs Trust board used at an event encourages everyone to get involved. People can write a bit about what makes their dog special and stick it on the board. If your board is interactive, people will want to get involved and read what it says.


A speech and language team in Warwickshire used a wide variety of different materials to educate readers about speech therapy options available. Having variety helps displays stand out because they are more engaging to those who pass by.


What helps this noticeboard stand out is the sign above it. On many occasions, noticeboards can be missed because they are on corridors where people are busy walking through.


If you want your entire team to get involved, then this calendar noticeboard invites people to update the calendar. This shared calendar gives people a space to share any important information or events that are coming up.

Ideas For Your Display Wall

Hopefully some of the above posts will give you some inspiration on what type of display to have and how to design it. If you’re still struggling, here are some ideas to help you get on track.

Make Sure Your Display Has A Clear Goal

Many displays fail because they are full of mismatched information. It can feel like information overload for the person trying to read it. Ideally you should have a clear goal for the display.

Do you want to share company updates? Is the display a shout out for employees who have performed well? Do you want to educate readers on a particular topic? Do you want to ask people to sign up and volunteer to an event? If you decided to have a display which had all these goals, it would be difficult to get your message across. That’s why you need to have one goal and stick with it.

Consider Your Theme

From the best wall displays you’ve seen, you can tell immediately a lot of thought has been put into it. The brains behind it have carefully considered and mapped the theme. The colours and style you choose will help determine how successful the display will be in catching people’s attention.

Before you start sticking anything to your display, try different colour choices to see what works. Remember that colour has an impact on how people will react. Just like the colours used in an office design, the colours on your display can help people feel a certain way. For example, red is strong, active and serious. Green gives a sense of nature and has a calming influence. Think about the impact you want to make.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Wall Display?

While you may think putting your display in a busy corridor is a great idea, you need to consider the fact that not many people will actually stop and look at the display. They may look at it while they walk past but even then you’ve got about five seconds to make an impact.

It’s better to put your display in an area where people will be standing or sitting. A breakout room is ideal since people will have more time to look at your display. Putting a display on the wall behind the printer is great too, as it means people will likely read while they are waiting for their printwork.

Displays can also become an integral part of your office.

For large open offices, wall displays can also act as partitions to create smaller meeting rooms.

blue wall partitions

Display System at Elm Workspace

By making display walls a part of your office design, more employees will notice them and your displays will have a greater impact.

Along With Updating Your Wall Displays, Consider Updating Your Desks Too

A desk can significantly determine how productive you are at work. As there are so many different types of desks available, it’s easy to choose the wrong desk. You can save money and benefit productivity by making sure you choose the right desk the first time around. In our free downloadable guide, we take a look at all the different desks to help you find the perfect workspace.

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