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Commercial Electrical Installation

It’s the responsibility of employers and office administrators to ensure that the electricals in a workplace are set up correctly. If you’re in this position but you don’t know much about wiring and installation, Elm Workspace can help. We’re experts in this area and will make sure that the job is carried out to the highest standard.
Whether you’re moving into a new office or refurbishing your existing space, it’s essential to get an expert in to manage the electricals - there is too much at risk if something goes awry. When it comes to setting up your computers, phones and any other hardware (think printers, photocopiers etc.) you need to make sure that you’re not in danger of overloading your sockets or you risk electrical fires and/or damage to the cabling.
The team at Elm Workspace has a wealth of experience in the area of office refurbishment and includes trained electricians who can ensure your electrical installation is carried out to the desired specification. Before the move or refurb, we can assess how long the electrical installation is likely to take and give you a practical timeframe that we will work to. Our project manager will keep you up to date throughout the process so that you and your team always know exactly what’s going on.
We price ourselves on clear communication and our ability to work according to the unique needs of each client. We will work to accommodate your budget as far as possible and can arrange to work out of normal working hours if that’s what’s needed for the most efficient installation possible. We will carry out all the necessary checks before and after the installation and carry out a job that everyone involved will be happy with by the end.
Along with ensuring the wiring is correctly set up, we will also keep safety and aesthetics in mind. We sell desktop cable management solutions for your desks to keep electrical and data cables tidied away, which might be a good option for you, depending on the setup of your desks and office space. Our electrical cable installation services often go hand in hand with work with data cables, which we can also work to install in the most helpful and least disruptive configuration possible.
Call us today with the number at the top of the page to start the conversation. We will work with you to determine the scale of the service you require, from simple checks to full installation. When you work with us, you can be sure that, however much work is needed, your office will be left with safe, tidy electrical cables.

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