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Commercial Office Glass Doors

Are you looking for an easy way to modern your office and allow natural light to reach all areas more easily? It sounds like you could make good use of commercial glass doors that we sell and install here at Elm Workspace.
Glass doors and partitions are increasingly popular in a world where businesses want to encourage openness, collaboration and employee productivity in their workspaces. Glass doors allow different areas of the office to remain separate, yet feel less closed off from each other. This inspires a sense of team spirit that more conventional solutions shut down. Glass doors are especially popular for meeting rooms and breakout spaces, maintaining that connection to the wider office even as the rooms themselves remain separate.
The glass doors we sell and install not only look great, but they’re easy to clean and the glass is reinforced to guard against accidental damage.  Another benefit that might not be apparent is the energy savings you can make from allowing more natural light into the office. More natural light means you don’t need the office lights on as often and you can often get a bit more natural heat in the office as well. It’s just good business sense to make your office as energy efficient as possible.
In terms of the style of door, we have many different options available. You can choose from sliding glass doors, doors with standard hinges, folding doors and many more. We can also provide and install doors with either clear or frosted glass, depending on the aesthetic that most appeals to you. Frosted glass still allows light into the room, but has the added benefit of increasing the privacy of the room.
Our glass doors can be used in all kinds of office environments. To find the best option for your workplace, get in touch with us today and talk to one of our friendly team. Simply give us a ring on the number at the top of the page and ask about getting some ideas for glass doors that could work for your office.

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