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Glass Doors

Professional Glass Office Doors with Elm Workspace

If you’re looking to modernise your office or just want to invite more natural lighting into your workspace, then you should consider having glass doors. They are smart and sophisticated fixtures for your workspace.

Many offices now use glass doors in their design. They have the potential to make offices look more modern and professional. In many television office-based dramas, you often see offices with glass doors and partitions. They are the preferred option over walls and wooden doors. Many workspaces use glass doors on their meeting rooms and breakout rooms. Glass doors are reinforced with tougher glass to reduce the risk of accidental smashes or cracks when the door is shut or slammed. At Elm Workspace we can measure and install your glass office doors to ensure they are installed correctly.

There are many benefits to having glass doors. They are easy to clean and they look professional. They help invite extra natural light into the rooms of your office so you don’t have to rely on lots of artificial light sources. If you don’t have to turn your office lights on as often, it means your office is cheaper to run. Having an office that is energy efficient is just good business sense. When it comes to glass doors, you have plenty of styles to choose from, there are standard hinged doors, sliding, folding, double and many others. Glass doors are also available with original or frosted glass. With frosted glass, you can have the benefits of inviting extra light into the room but give participants more privacy.

Office glass doors can be used in all types of workspaces such as general offices, commercial buildings and schools. Since glass doors are strong (they have to be) and reinforced, it’s very unlikely they will break. Just like glass partition walls, glass doors can help invite employees to collaborate more easily and feel like they are part of a collaborative work environment. With a glass door, managers won’t feel as closed off and separate from the rest of their staff.

At Elm Workspace, we can fit your glass doors for you. We have worked with companies throughout the South West. Have a look at our portfolio to see the work we have done in Wiltshire and Bristol. Office glass doors need to be fitted correctly by an experienced team; with our experience refurbishing and fitting out workspaces, you can trust us to fit your new doors.

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