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Commercial Office Glass Partitioning

How do you give your office a modern feel, while retaining all the practical functions that you need for a productive workplace? Office glass partitions are the answer. 
This solution creates separate workspaces within your office without creating an isolating boundary from one area to the next. They can also help encourage employee happiness and productivity by allowing more natural light into all different areas of the office environment. If glass partitions or walls sound like something that could be a good fit for your workplace, get in touch with Elm today.
A popular usage of glass partitions or walls is for meeting rooms in an otherwise open-plan office. They create a soundproof barrier that allows for privacy, whilst simultaneously maintaining the light, open appearance of the wider workspace. The use of the glass enhances the natural openness that’s been created in the rest of the office, making the open area appear larger as the inside of the meeting room is not excluded from view.
You don’t have to stop at a basic glass wall, either. Glass manifestation designs allow you to add something extra to the partitions to make them even more impressive. Branding, messages or designs that complement the rest of the office can be added to enhance the overall appearance of the office. You could even use wipeable, dry-erase pens to turn your glass walls into surfaces for meeting notes and brainstorming sessions. We can also install glass doors to complete the seamless look of your partitions.
At Elm Workspace, we’ve installed countless glass partitions and walls in offices around the country. It’s something we specialise in, so you can be confident that we’ll do a fantastic job with your office as well. Get in touch with us today to discuss how you could use glass partitions to transform your space.

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