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Glass Partitioning

Clean And Clear, Professional Glass Partitions For The Office

Glass partitioning and glass walls are something that we’re very accomplished at installing. Both systems can be used to add visual appeal to your workplace whilst creating separate workspaces that do not isolate employees from one another. Many modern offices are incorporating glass partitions instead of standard walls because they look more professional and they help invite additional natural light. If you want to install glass partitions for your office, our team can fit them for you. We’ve built glass partitions for offices throughout the South West.

Glass walls allow the interior of a room to be visible to those outside of it, which means they work well when used in meeting rooms adjacent to an open-plan office, for example. This is beneficial for those inside the room as it stops them from being completely isolated from the main hub of the office, but allows them to conduct their meeting in a quiet, dedicated setting. The use of glass walls means that the bigger, open-plan space is still visually as large as possible because the inside of the meeting room is not excluded from view.

Glass partitioning can achieve much of the same effect and can be used skillfully to create semi-open plan offices, which have distinct work zones. The glass partitioning still keeps lines of sight clear but can be used for noise management purposes. Noise reduction and management is helpful for large, open-plan offices which have various types of work taking place at once: noisy, informal or collaborative work alongside studious solo working, for example.

Glass manifestation designs can allow you to turn your glass partitioning and glass walls into something impressive. Branding or messages can be added in a complementary style to the rest of your office to create brand recognition or to boost wellbeing and morale . Or, instead, your glass partitioning could be turned into ad-hoc brainstorming and note-taking canvases with the use of wipeable, dry-erase pens.

At Elm Workspace, we’ve installed glass walls in many different types of workspaces. It’s our day job! We can fit them correctly to ensure all partitions are safely secured. We have worked with companies throughout the South West, such as in Bristol, Wiltshire and Swindon. Glass partitioning can help transform your office into a modern and professional workspace.

With all the free-thinking and creativity that glass walls and partitions promote, it’s no wonder we’re installing them in more and more offices.

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