How To Manage Your Brand In An Office Refurbishment In 3 Easy Steps

How To Manage Your Brand In An Office Refurbishment In 3 Easy Steps

Whether you are rebranding the company as a whole and the refurb is part of that, or if you are worried about the impact it will have on your brand unintentionally; here are 3 easy steps to show you how to manage your brand during an office refurbishment.

1. Take The Chance To Rebrand Your Business

Now is the perfect chance to rebrand your business as you will be able to incorporate logos, colour schemes and general attitudes into your office. This will signal to clients and customers that you are heavily investing into the future of your company and planning on growing for the forseeable. This is also a great message for your ambitious employees – and attracting more to work for you.

Whilst you will obviously  need to employ graphic design agencies, and the like, for the finer points of your rebrand – stationary, letterheads, logos and so forth – your office design and refurbishment company can incorporate all of their work into your renovated office; murals, artwork, colour schemes and space planning all suiting your new brand. To get all of this working togther, make sure you plan well in time.


2. Or Make Your Office Match What Is Already In Place

Many companies have built up their brand already but haven’t yet got the office to match. Logically thinking, a company is ready to refurbish their office because they have outgrown it, it’s out of date or they need a fresh start.

Outgrowing your home because your business has developed different clients, operating in different markets or because you have simply been there since the start, are all scenarios that often mean a company’s brand is no longer supported by their office.

In comparison, a new logo and other branding features can be incorporated quickly and with relatively low costs. Whereas an office refurbishment is clearly a different matter, however. No wonder a cutting edge, large scale business can often end up operating out of a stale, dated office – you have been busy building your business and its brand.

When it’s time to refurbish your office, it’s the perfect time to make it fall in line with the rest of your brand.


3. Manage Your Exposure In The Press

And finally, refurbishing your office is a chance to get some great exposure in the press and in the community. As already said, it shows an investment in the future of your business and a real statement of intent.

Shout about it.

Get together a powerful press release and send it to the local press, both print and radio. You should also aim to get your news in the industry publication to gain some nationwide, relevant exposure. The community – local and your clients and suppliers – can be engaged by holding a celebratory event. Invite guests in writing and make them feel special – then show off your newly refurbished office.

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