It’s time to change! 5 reasons you need to update your workspace now

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It’s time to change! 5 reasons you need to update your workspace now

Offices look very different to how they were thirty years ago… Do you remember the small, isolating cubicles, bland office designs and everyone wearing the same suits? Most office spaces lacked personality but now there is a growing trend with more businesses updating their workspaces.  Employers now realise an updated workspace can improve productivity, morale and offer many other benefits. See how an improved office space can benefit your business.

How have offices changed?

21st century office spaces look very different to offices at the end of the 1900s. Today’s offices have personality and help to promote cultural change in the work place. Before we can look at the reasons why so many businesses have updated their office space, we need to check out what has changed:

  • Offices encourage and inspire creative ideas

Taking inspiration from Silicon Valley, more businesses are adopting an open and fun enviroment to work and encourage innovating ideas.

  • Designed workspaces

Offices are no longer bland, they have personality and reflect the business’ brand. Employers are investing in great quality office fittings and visual designs to create a fun environment for their employees and impress their customers.

  • Open working areas

Separate offices for managers and small cubicles for employees are becoming a thing of the past. Businesses are adopting open areas for their employees to work and investing in professionally designed workspaces.

  • No more suits

Less than ten years ago, it was expected for most employees to wear suits and now there is a sharp decline, with more employees going to work wearing smart casual clothes.


The benefits of updating your office

If your office hasn’t changed since the 1990s then it’s time to consider having an update. New and improved offices spaces have many benefits for your employees and your business.

1) Improve productivity

Working in a dimly lit and boring environment can have a negative effect on productivity. A new and updated office space can increase productivity because your employees will be in a more positive setting.

2) Make employees happier

There are many reasons employees decide to leave their job. A major reason is because they’re unhappy. As many employees spend eight straight hours at work, sitting behind a desk all day can get boring very quick. You can improve office morale by creating an open office area that invites your employees to walk around, socialise and have more fun at work.

3) Encourage team work

Office cubicles were originally used because it helped employers use space effectively and they could fit more workers into one area. But one major problem with these cubicles was they isolated employees and prevented them from interacting. Some of the best ideas can be inspired by your teams talking to each other and working together to achieve their targets. Get rid of the cubicles and get your teams working close together.

4) Give extra space for your employees to recharge

With a new office space you can reserve an area for your employees to recharge their batteries. Letting them go somewhere away from their desk to relax or a different environment for them to work can help inspire new ideas and keep your employees working efficiently.

 5) Impress new customers

A well designed and modern office can make a great impression on a new client. If a customer arrives in a small dingy office, they won’t be impressed compared to walking into an open wide office floor designed with the business’ brand and employees working on the latest technology.

Don’t be scared of change, embrace it! Large companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! realise the benefits of an updated working enviroment to help encourage new ideas and improve productivity.

At Elm Workspace we create and design commercial offices for small and large businesses. We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of updating a business’ workspace. If you want to improve the morale of your employees and show you are a professional and modern company then consider updating your office.

Check out our portfolio to see the offices we have created and see how we can update your office design.

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