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Office Move Management

An office move can be a stressful time, with so many different moving parts that have to work together. Putting the right move management team together can make the whole process so much easier than it would be otherwise. Elm’s sister company, All Boxed, will handle everything from start to finish and save you from any potential stress.
We pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled office move management service, with clear communication at every stage of the process. An experienced project leader will take on the responsibility of organising all the different aspects of the move, letting you focus on your day to day work. 
With meticulous planning, Elm will ensure installations and any other tasks associated with the move run smoothly. We’re not just specialists in office move management, we’re specialists in the whole field of office design, branding and refurbishment. This means that no matter what comes up in the course of the move, we can handle it. Need electrical wires sorting? Done. Need your data cables tidying up and installing correctly? Done. Need some new partitions to make the space more useful? Done. We’re here for you at every stage of your move.
Get in touch with Elm Workspace today to discover how we can manage your office move and make it the smooth process you want it to be. We’ll discuss the scale of your move and your unique requirements and work out the best way to proceed based on your specific needs.

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