Moving to a new office: Branding and PR Checklist for Moving Office

Moving to a new office: Branding and PR Checklist for Moving Office

As part of our series of posts helping you to move office, we are covering how to manage your branding and public relations during your office move.

Maintaining both your branding and good public relations when you move office are something which go hand in hand. They are also something which is easy to neglect. Especially so when you have so many other areas of concern; the move itself, archiving resources and the completion of any building work to name just three issues during an office relocation.

Use this checklist to make sure you stay on top of everything branding and PR during your office move.


Announce “We’re Moving!”

A new office is something to shout about.

Here is a great chance to let the world know that you are investing in the long term future of your business by securing a new HQ. Try the following ideas:

Create a Press Release

Pull out the most positive features and put a press release together. This can then be sent to local news agencies, industry publishers and even to all of your contacts and customers. Here is a good guide.

  • Start with the news that you are moving and where you are moving to.
  • Cover why you are moving. Have you outgrown your old premises and need something bigger? Are you moving to a more modern office, more fitting for your forward thinking brand? Or is your new location more advantageous for both you and your customers? Whatever the reasons, shout about how much of a good thing it is.
  • Include something about how excited you are about the move and what it will offer the company.

Once you’re ready, check out these places you can send your release to.


You may even want to pay for an advert on local radio or in print to engage the local community. If your coverage is more relevant to a wider audience, you could purchase advertising space in a trade magazine.

Just be sure to time this appropriately.

Launch Event

It is also vital to spread the word to all your suppliers, customers, partners and authorities. They should be notified in writing to avoid any doubt and tell people who visit regularly in person, by phone or email.

You could invite them to an event to launch your new premises; you could run a form of open-house-come-housewarming, a summer fete or barbecue, and invite customers, suppliers, the press and the general public alike.

It all depends on the personality of your brand as to what you do, but be sure to get people engaged.

Build Your Brand

Moving office is a great chance to solidify or enhance your brand.

Make sure your new premises echoes the attitudes you want to instill in your business. Make sure the location is appropriate for your customers to reach you. You should also make sure the internal fit-out matches how your employees operate day-to-day.

Are slides and chill-out zones appropriate for a somebody like AstraZeneca? Well, actually, yes, but that’s a separate issue. Be sure your new surroundings mirror how you want your people to work.

Check out our post on 6 Things to Remember When Moving to a New Office to make sure you have everything covered.

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