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Take 10 Considerations For Teachers Needing Educational Furniture

If you have been tasked with ordering your school or college’s new furniture, stop and take a minute to think about the

5 Fun Quiz Questions For Work To Really Break The Ice

Work doesn’t have to becoming in for 9am, getting stuck into your work all day until you leave at 5pm and that’s it! At t

Choosing The Right Office Desk Lamp & Other Office Desk Accessories

When you’re working at a desk, you need to have sufficient lighting to work properly. Working in a badly lit room can negat

GSM London – learning resource centre refurbishment

We have recently been contracted to design and refurbish a new learning resource Centre for a major university in Greenwich,

Home Office Layout Ideas For Remote Workers

Assuming that, being a remote worker, you spend a regular amount of your working week at home, you will need a fully function

How To Make The Most Of Your Office With Productivity Led Design

Increasing productivity in the office by using intuitive design is one of the surest ways to increase both employee job-satis

New 3D visuals helps Elm Workspace win yet another project

Elm Workspace has done it again! We have won a fantastic new project at Aztec West.

Our Guide To Help You Buy Office Furniture Online

Whilst purchasing furniture for your home is one thing, choosing to buy office furniture online feels like an even bigger ri

What Type Of Car Are Your And Your Colleagues In The Office?

We have already written about what type of dog you and your colleagues are based on workplace personalities and how they work

8 Telltale Signs It’s Time For A School Refurbishment

There’s more to it than a lick of paint and a few bits of furniture and new carpet. There are a whole host of reasons

Office Workplace Trivia Questions And Answers

Are you on the hunt for something fun and exciting to bring into your office? Workplace trivia questions and answers will not

How Long Does It Take To Move Office? Make Sure You Consider These Office Move Milestones

Before you can start moving your office, you need to consider how long it will actually take. The longer your office is close

Office Space Design Ideas For Facilities Managers & Heads Of Property

When it comes to designing your office space, it needs to fulfil its primary purpose: to be a supportive work environment for

The TEN signs you need to move office NOW!

Most businesses have to move offices at least once. As your company grows in the number of employees or you decide to offer

The Causes of Stress at Work: The Relationship Between Mental Health and Work

Stress can become an aspect of anyone’s life but the causes of stress can be different for every person. The most common ca

How To Develop And Maintain Effective Supplier Relationships

Lasting business relationships are built on trust and mutual growth. Whilst your own bottom line will always be of primary co

Want to be money savvy? How to save money moving office

Moving offices can be an expensive expedition. Especially when it can take a lot of time to process the legal paperwork, deco

Greenery In The Office – And Not Just The Pantone Colour Of The Year

The Pantone ‘Color Of The Year 2017’ has been named as 15-0343 or more interestingly; Greenery.  Here’s

How To Be The Most Organised Office Renovation Planner

Whether you’re the business owner or responsible for conducting  the research, organisation is key when it comes to

Elm Workspace takes on 90 Victoria Street

Yet again Elm Workspace have successfully won another impressive project. This time we have secured a unique 5,000 sq ft Offi

Wiltshire College project complete!

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of yet another project with our friends at Wiltshire College. Following

Another Project Complete: Adam in Milton Keynes

At Elm Workspace we’ve had another exciting week, as we have just completed another office design project.

Selected for the Just Eat office fit out

We are delighted to have been chosen by the international technology company Just Eat to fit out their new flagship technolog

The Benefits Of A Consultation Before Finalising A Project Budget

It’s good to talk. It’s even better to talk to a professional whilst you’re planning an office move or ref

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Office Paint Colours

There’s an infinite number of colours available to paint your office and it’s likely that you have seen a scheme

Moving to a new office: Health and Safety Checklist

Moving to a new office? Then you need to have a look at our office health and safety checklist. The Health and Safety at Work

How To Improve Staff Meetings With A Proper Office Fitout

Whatever the size of your team and whatever the size of your office, it’s always a good idea to be researching and tryi

25 Ways To Reduce Noise In The Workplace

Noisy offices are the worst. Many studies show that too much noise can significantly reduce productivity and morale. One stud

The History of Employer Care: Who is Titus Salt?

Whilst open spaces, free-form design and flexible working hours are often considered standard practice in 2015, this was not

7 Effective Office Layouts For Small Offices

By reading this post, you can tap into the different elements of what makes an effective office layout for your relatively s

5 Ideas For Rewarding Employees Without Money

Rewarding your employees for excellent performance is a great way to show you recognise and appreciate their hard work. While

Office Lights, Workplace Health And Staff Wellbeing: A Guide To Getting It Right

Working in an office that is too dark or even too bright, can cause a number of problems for employees. While it can be diffi

How To Motivate A Team With Low Morale Easily

Having low morale at work is a major reason why a person may decide it’s time to leave. Many different factors can cause a

What Are Recommended Noise Levels In Offices?

Have you recently noticed that the noise levels in your office are considerably high? Whether it’s a couple of colleagues d

Display Wall Ideas And Tips For Your Office

Display walls in your office are a great way to promote your company, share information and benefit the appearance of your of

How Often Do I Need To Purchase New Office Furniture?

In short, you should purchase new office furniture whenever it is needed. But like most things in business, it isn’t as

How To Manage Your Brand In An Office Refurbishment In 3 Easy Steps

Whether you are rebranding the company as a whole and the refurb is part of that, or if you are worried about the impact it w

What Is A Cellular Office Layout? Does It Help Office Morale?

Altering your office layout is a great way to inject some new life into your business. It can aid productivity and a little r

Employee Health & Wellbeing Tips For Disciplinary Procedures At Work

When an employee is facing disciplinary procedures at work it can significantly unsettle morale. Having an informal warning f

7 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work For You & Your Team

Stress is problematic for many businesses. Stress can cause employees to be less productive and be more likely to take time o

Improving Student Attendance And Overcrowding In A School Or College

As part of our ongoing series in educational posts and discussion, this blog is looking at the serious issue of improving sch

Tips To Help You Increase Positive Communication In The Workplace

If you and your boss have identified that the business is struggling from a lack of positive communication in the workplace,

How To Get More Productivity From Employees On A Budget

Every office has that dedicated person who’s always there when you arrive in the morning and always seems to be there when

How To Speed Up Your Office Budget Planning In 2017

If you’re planning on relocating or refurbishing your workspace anytime in the next couple of years, you’ll under

How To Minimise Disruption During An Office Refurbishment MADE SIMPLE

A wealth of advice exists on how to minimise disruption during an office refurbishment. But in-depth guides and repetitive bl

Back To Work New Year Resolutions For The Office

A new year is the time for new starts. New habits and new habits. People vow to exercise more, drink less and read new things

How School Refurbishment Contractors Can Improve Building Efficiency

Employing dedicated school refurbishment contractors can seem daunting. But, sometimes, only refurbishment contractors can im

More Proof That Office Design Is Important For Morale And Happiness

Instead of larger paychecks and gimmicky slides or ping-pong tables, intelligent design of the workspace and office as a whol

Orgatec 2016 Preview; What We’re Looking Forward To

The biennial trade show for office and workspace design returns to Cologne, this coming October. And it’s bigger than e

Beach Baker Recruitment installation complete

Using our in-house Space Planners, Graphic Designers, Installation Team and Project Managers we are proud to announce another

Elm Workspace Win Two Projects At Clifton Heights

Elm Workspace are pleased and eager to announce that we have recently won, not only one but two, exciting new office fit out

Elm Workspace deliver another stunning university refurbishment within Oxford

The Hands Building (formerly known as Love Lane) has been named in recognition of the generous support of Guy (PPE, 1978) and

Design & Installation Of Furniture In New Bristol Offices [VIDEO]

Here’s a video showcasing a recent project which Elm Workspace completed to fit-out a new office in Bristol.

10 Tips For Saving Money When Buying Office Furniture

Saving money when buying office furniture is a concern for every office manager or sole trader working from an office at home

What To Expect From A School Refurbishment & How To Manage It

If you’re the facilities manager or have been tasked with researching what’s involved in a college or school refu

10 Easiest Office Decor Tips For Heads Of Property And Office Managers

If you’re in a hurry to improve your office atmosphere and productivity, but don’t want a solution that costs the Earth,

How To Choose Ergonomic Chairs For Back Pain

Ergonomic chairs for back pain are probably the most welcome investment that you could ever choose if you are a sufferer of b

4 tips to refurbish your office without having to close your business

Closing your business so you can refurbish your office space can be costly. Especially if you have to shut down your business

The Terrible Effects Of Noise In The Workplace

When you think about noise regulations at work, you probably think of workplaces that involve working with loud machinery or

What’s Involved In A School Refurbishment And Does It Impact Learning?

You may be thinking about or already looking into renewing and refurbishing part of your school or college building. Whether

On Site this week: Adams, Milton Keynes

We’re pleased to update you on our current Milton Keynes project for Adams, a successful outsourcing company.  

Moving to a new office: Branding and PR Checklist for Moving Office

As part of our series of posts helping you to move office, we are covering how to manage your branding and public relations d

The Ultimate Quiz For Office Party LOLs

If you aren’t careful, the office can be a dull place for employees. As a manager it’s your job to bring a bit of life in

Does My Business Need Workplace Lockers? How To Decide

Here are a series of questions which you can ask in relation to your own office to answer whether your workplace needs locker

The Rise Of Breakout Areas: Why Your Business Needs Bespoke Space

The realisation that offices need to offer their staff a change in setting is gathering pace. In essence, having a bespoke sp

How Do Ergonomic Desk Chairs Work?

You know what one is, but how do ergonomic desk chairs work to aid your comfort and productivity, as well as reduce physical

How Building Staff Morale In Schools Is Key To Pupil Retention

It’s likely that correlating links can be made between schools which have low teacher morale and low pupil retention. I

On Site for a pharmaceutical client

As you can see, we are now on site with one of our existing clients in the pharmaceutical industry.  Here are a couple of pi

How To Boost Office Morale During A Heatwave

Hopefully, the temperatures of this week aren’t just destined to be a freak of this-summer’s-nature and we will h

How To Increase Value For Money In Schools By Operating Outside School Hours

Most school and college buildings are empty and redundant for vast swathes of the year. Holidays, evenings and weekends see y

6 ways to reduce noise in the office without spending a penny

There are definitely both pros and cons to having a loud and chatty office. If people are talking that means your employees 

How To Improve The Impact Of Office Design On Employee Productivity

Whilst the most direct ways of improving employee productivity are related to people management, another area to address is t

CNM project underway!

We are pleased to have started on site with CNM The College of Naturopathic Medicine, in designing and fitting out their new

How To Manage Mental Health At Work As A Small Business Owner

Mental health within the UK is becoming ever clearer with celebrities and even the Royal family creating campaigns to raise a

What Are Some Teamwork Skills Every Office Needs

Teamwork is a necessary skill that is needed within the office as it allows you to work well with other colleagues to produce

10 Tips For Improving Teacher Morale

With a quick introduction of why teacher morale is so important to maintain and improve, this blog post serves to give actio

How To Build A Team And Help Wellbeing At Work

Having a great team at work helps with employee wellbeing; the two go hand in hand.  Being a part of a team can make you fee

Building Company Culture: Tips To Reduce Corporate Energy Consumption

Reducing corporate energy consumption reduces costs and frees capital to be invested elsewhere. It can also make for a health

8 Ways To Cope With Working Over Christmas & New Year

If you are having to be in the office over the festive period, there might be times when your concentration starts to wane. B

Are You A Good Employee Quiz For Honest Workers

Have you recently found that you’re taking longer to complete tasks at work? Maybe you’ve unexpectedly found yourself bro

How To Reduce Staff Turnover & Make A Better Workplace

High employee turnover isn’t great for any business because finding replacements for staff members who have left can be exp

Is it time for a rebrand? 9 practical tips on rebranding a company

Rebranding a company is sometimes the only option when you merge with another company or get new services. Having the right b

Wilts College Trowbridge common room refurbishment

Following our successful refurbishment of Wiltshire College’s common room on their Lackham campus, we are pleased to be ins

The Underestimated Impact Of Office Flooring On Workplace Wellbeing

Imagine walking into the office of a prospective employer. It’s for a job which you aren’t too sure whether it’s the ri

Our Team Completed The Race To The Stones For Wiltshire Air Ambulance

As you may have seen, throughout 2017, Elm Workspace are working to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Essential Tips For Managing A Large Scale Furniture Purchase

It might feel like a daunting task, but with these essential tips for managing a large scale furniture purchase, it’s e

How much office space do I need? 6 tricks to meet requirements

When looking for office space, there is one big question you need to answer: “how much office space do I need?” Figuring

Stop the Scrooges in 6 steps! How to decorate your office for Christmas

Want to decorate your office for Christmas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Creating a festive vibe in the office

Get the X Factor! 8 factors to finding the perfect office

What makes the perfect office? If you asked a group of people you’d likely get a list of different responses.  Finding

Raising Money For Wiltshire Air Ambulance: Race To The Stones Event

Throughout 2017, Elm Workspace are working to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Do Office Dividing Screens Inhibit Or Increase Productivity?

To fully understand the question, it’s necessary to look at the purpose of office screens, and discuss why they were

How Music Affects Productivity In Offices And Causes… Oh, What A Song!

When it comes to playing music in the office employees are usually torn, as some find having background noise calming therefo

How To Prevent Office Noise Harming Productivity

The rise of open plan offices has been prevalent and even though they bring us out of the era of cubicles and create a more s

How To Choose An Office Chair For Your Boss

If you’ve been tasked with ordering an office chair for your boss, here’s what you need to think about and some a

How To Avoid Noise In The Workplace

It’s an hour before you need to get these slides finished. The figures just won’t come through how you want them

10 Workplace Furniture Trends That Increase Productivity

Aside from advertised apps and extensions, what can be done to help increase productivity? The office furniture trends are so

Office Design Trends for 2016: Finding the perfect office

Are you ready for 2016? Although a part of us is still wishing it was Christmas,  there’s nothing like starting a bran

10 Ways To Develop Respect And Loyalty In The Workplace

How to develop respect and loyalty in the workplace or office is a crucial part of being an effective manager or business own

You Need To Consider This Before Buying School Display Boards

Display boards are a great way to allow easy changing of wall displays inside the classroom and around the school building or

How To Maintain Safety During Your Office Refurbishment

There is a serious reason that Health and Safety is so important within the construction industry. There were 65,000 self-rep

Projects Over Christmas

Just when everybody was sat at home eating and drinking too much the Elm installers were busy fitting out 3 sites;

30 reasons staff leave a company (and 5 ways to stop them)

In the US, the average length of time an employee stays at a company is 4.6 years. For employers one of the biggest challeng

Are Sleeping Pods In The Office A Good Idea?

No, this isn’t a joke. Sleeiping pods in the office are becoming more and more common,  allowing staff to take a powe

The ABCs Of Effective Classroom Design; Preparing Students For Work

Once a student reaches young adulthood, their time in education is geared towards preparing them for the world of work. For s

Show Your Boss How Glass Office Partitions Can Improve Collaboration

Having an office space that is too open or too closed can each have their pros and cons. While open offices are the preferred

7 of the most Inspirational Eco-Friendly Offices

We don’t mean you should go green with envy, we mean you should turn your office into an eco-friendly habitat. In recen

How To Save Space In A Small Office

If you want to learn how to save space in a small office, use these tips which can be used to save space, even in the small

Understanding Office Occupancy Ratios

At the leading design fairs and trade shows which our design team attended towards the end of last year, an emerging trend in

How To Promote Positive Behaviour Using Classroom Design

In addition to effective teacher technique, appropriate classroom design can be used to help promote positive behaviour from

How To Convince Your Boss You Need Office Breakout Furniture

Office breakout furniture and multi-use breakout space is key to making your office a productive and healthy place to work. I

Different Christmas Presents For Work To Suit All Budgets

Whether you are taking part in Secret Santa or are looking to reward your personal assistant for all their hard work, or may

Why A Robust FF&E Plan Isn’t Just For Big Business

Typically a planning tool more akin to the world of big hotels and large floorplan office spaces, a proper and robust FF&

How To Choose A School Refurbishment Contractor

Whatever stage you are at in the process of refreshing your school building, it’s important to consider these factors o

Tips On Managing Timings With An Office Refurbishment Project Plan

The process of refurbishing the company office often takes a lot longer than people first expect. With proper planning and pr

What Type Of Worker Are You?

If you have worked or currently work in an office you will know that not one person is the same. Each employee has a differen

Introducing The Office Refurbishment Checklist

We are very pleased to introduce to you the office refurbishment checklist. If you, your company or your bosses are thinking

10 Ways To Massively Improve Staff Morale At Work [With Download]

Is your business struggling with poor performance, high staff turnover or lack of group cooperation? Then your business may

What Your Employees Need to Know During Your Office Refurbishment

During an office redesign, your employees need to know what they’re doing. Will the office be closing whilst the refurb

When To Invest In School Refurbishment

Taking the plunge to invest in school refurbishment is a quandary facing many Heads, Governors and Local Authorities. Hopeful

What Kind Of Dogs Are You And Your Co-Workers?

You’ve seen the “What Kind Of Dog Are You?” quizzes on the internet, have you ever considered what kind of dogs you and

6 Stunning Office Desk Lamps In The Home And At Work

Just like choosing any piece of furniture, picking an office desk lamp can be tricky. It needs to fulfil a specific purpose b

What Workers Want 2016 Survey Raises Some Concerns

The British Council for Offices has released their What Workers Want 2016 survey and research results. And it raises some con

What Does The UK Workplace Survey 2016 Tell Us?

Once seen as the catalyst for collaborative and productive working, open plan office spaces are typically seen as the best w

How To Prepare Your Employees For An Office Move [With Download]

Moving to an office isn’t just a big step for you and your business, it’s also a big step for your employees. Mov


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School Design Can Be Used For Building Staff Morale

Here’s an explanation of why teacher morale is so important in schools and colleges and how you can use school design f

Veritas Management installation

When Veritas Management decided to relocate to the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, there was only one local supplier who wer

10 Classroom Designs For Improving Efficiency And Effectiveness

Improving classroom efficiency and improving effectiveness of teaching through classroom design is a cornerstone of successfu

How To Write An Effective Office Fit Out Specification

If you are in the process of planning an office fit out, you’ll be well advised to produce a proper office fit out spec

Do you need an executive chair? 8 ways to save costs in the office

Saving costs in the office can be a difficult task when you want to get high quality tech and furnishings. However, buying th

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Budget Planning 101: How to manage office relocation costs

We understand moving to a new office can be a costly enterprise. But it doesn’t have to be.  Keeping to a budget can h

Improve Staff Morale: 7 Tips On Building Teamwork In The Workplace

Building teamwork in the workplace is crucial for any successful business. If your teams aren’t working together, they

Elm Visit Orgatec

Every two years Elm travel to Cologne, Germany to attend Orgatec which is leading international trade fair for Modern Office

6 Strategies For Managing Stress In The Workplace & Amongst Your Team

Stress is normal both in everyday life and within the workplace. However, excessive amounts of stress can affect your employe

Improve Staff Morale Through Collaborative Office Refurbishment

What Is Collaborative Office Refurbishment? Collaborative office refurbishment is two armed approach to refurbishing and impr

Exploring Why Good Employees Leave Bad Managers

There may be a vast amount of reasons why good employees leave their jobs – whether that be money, moving away, and/or

Don’t Miss These Key Health & Safety Checks For New Office Furniture

If you’ve ordered new office furniture and installed it into your workspace, before commencing full use of the new item

How Many Toilets Do I Need For A New Office?

Wondering how many toilets you need in an office is something which might be really easy for prospective office owners or ten

9 Factors That Increase Commercial Fit Out Costs (& How To Avoid Them)

When undertaking an office fit out or even office refurbishments, we’ve noticed some common errors that result in an in

What To Remember When Buying Office Furniture Online

Here’s a quick and easy reminder of what you need to remember when buying office furniture online. From planning what y

The Pros & Cons Of Height Adjustable Desks

One of the current hot office trends is the height adjustable desk. It allows workers the chance to alternate between sitting

8 ways to inspire cultural change in the workplace

Having a positive work culture is something all employers dream of. Employees need to be happy to stay motivated and it’s

Another Project Complete… Another Happy Client

We are pleased to announce the completion of yet another successful project with a delighted client. We were appointed due to

What Office Refurbishment Costs Do You Need To Prepare For?

When thinking about the costs of a potential office refurbishment, at the early stages it is like taking a complete stab in t

What’s The Difference Between A Manager And Executive Chair?

Apart from the cost difference, there are plenty of subtle variations and recommended usage needs to consider when answering

7 ways our all-in-one office move solution will save you time, money & stress

As we’re an experienced office movement, refurbishment and design company, we understand how stressful an office move c

How To Improve Teamwork Skills In The Office

How would you rate your office’s teamwork? Would you say everyone works together successfully? Are there a few people who h

We have once again passed our ISO 9001 audit

At Elm Workspace, we have once again passed our ISO 9001 audit.  Passing the ISO  9001 inspection is important for busines

It’s time to change! 5 reasons you need to update your workspace now

Offices look very different to how they were thirty years ago… Do you remember the small, isolating cubicles, bland off

Classroom Acoustics: 10 ways to improve the teaching environment

Want to improve your teaching environment? Your classroom acoustics can have a major impact on your students’ learning

6 things to remember when moving to a new office: [FREE Checklist]

From our experience as an office fitting company, we understand how stressful it can be moving office. However we’ve l

How to make your office smaller without sacrificing productivity

One of the easiest ways to save money and control yearly budgets, is to reduce the size of your office. If your workspace has

How To Involve Employees In Buying New Office Furniture In 3 Easy Steps

As you’ll know from whenever you’ve tried to implement anything which affects everyone in your office at once, ch

CDM Regulations Explained: Construction Design Management Update

As an office design and fit out company, it’s important we keep up to date with the latest health and safety regulation

Quick Guide For Creating An FF&E Policy For A Business

As part of a series of blog posts focusing on buying office furniture, we have put together a simple guide to creating an FF&

What do employees value most? 5 ways to keep staff happy

Not all employees care about getting a pay rise. Of course, an increasing wage is a bonus, but there are many other factors e

15 Awesome Office Productivity Tips For Managers

There are a whole host of ways that managers, team leaders and business owners can improve output and working processes in t

We’re Off To Clerkenwell Design Week

What Is It? It’s a design fair, trade show and conference where the latest products, styles and theory are presented. A