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When it comes to choosing any new furniture items for your office it is understandable that aesthetics will probably be relatively high on your list. But, of course, high quality and value for money shouldn’t be far behind. And whilst this may be an important consideration it is also important that the items you choose match any brief you might have. Office screens, or office partitions as they are sometimes called can play a very important role in a more open plan modern office, offering you the ability to create smaller workspaces within a large office without putting in permanent walls. Whether you prefer the idea of free-standing screens or desk mounted screens these are a very useful tool that can help you plan the layout of your office to suit your needs and then change it easily as your needs demand.

Screens are not just limited to those used to create individual desk workspaces in the modern office. Acoustic office partitions, or acoustic office screens, provide you with a great way to create small breakout areas within your main office space. Using acoustic screens in the way not only affords you a colourful way to break up a large office space but also absorb some noise so employees using these areas do not disrupt those who are working.

Divider screens that sit on the desktop are a great way of separating out each employees space without putting in taller partitions such as office room dividers that can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic and reduce the flow of your workspace.

At Elm Workspace we have pulled together a stunning range of office and acoustic screens from some of the major suppliers out there. Whether you are looking for partition screens or acoustic dividers for your workspace we have something to suit every style of office and every budget. If you have an idea for your office but are not sure which product from our extensive range would be most appropriate for your needs then why not get in touch to have a chat with one of our experts, they will be happy to guide you.

For more information on our range of office & acoustic screens or to make an enquiry get in touch with us today.

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Correct planning ensures you are getting the most out of your space. We office a space planning service which utilises the maximum capacity of your working area or classroom in an efficient way. Our experienced team use the latest software to ensure a full planning service from site survey, 2D plans to walk-through 3D visualisation. Book your free space plan now and let us enhance your existing working space.