Office Design Trends for 2016: Finding the perfect office

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Office Design Trends for 2016: Finding the perfect office

Are you ready for 2016? Although a part of us is still wishing it was Christmas,  there’s nothing like starting a brand new year. It’s the ideal time to start afresh on new projects. We also know it’s the prime time for people to start looking for a brand new office. If you think it’s time to look for a new inspirational workspace, we’ve collected a list of office design trends for 2016 you can use to inspire your future office.

These are the ten office design trends we expect to see in 2016! 

1) Hot Desking

The idea of hot desking is where multiple employees share one workspace. We believe this trend will rise, especially for larger companies. It’s cheaper for employers because they have to spend less on computers and desk furniture but they also find the idea of hot desking is good for morale.  Hot desking gives employees the opportunity to walk around and interact with different teams. It’s a perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and exchange ideas, especially in a company with over 50 employees.

The chance to be on your feet and walking around the office promotes collobrative working and also motivates employees to stay active. One study has claimed employees should be on their feet for four hours of their working day to avoid long term health problems.

2) Personal Workspace

Whilst hot desking will increase in popularity in larger businesses, we will see smaller offices making more efforts to give private workspace for their employees. Open offices will continue to remain but staff will have an area to call their own so they can work comfortably and still communicate easily with their colleagues.

3) New Office Designs

As more small businesses are inviting their customers to their offices, more companies will be working to  improve the design of their office space (find out when it’s time for you to update your office).  There is a higher expectation to create workspaces that look professional and have updated designs to outshine against competition. Finding the perfect office can be difficult but you can also create your perfect office by getting an office design that suits everything you need.

4) Increase in Modern Artistic Designs

Along with more offices wanting to get a redesign, there will be an increase in businesses who want to go the extra mile and show off their artistic flair. If it’s showing their fun side and installing a slide or purchasing a modern piece of art for the reception area.

Why will this be a growing trend? More employers want to create offices their employees will enjoy working in and having modern features is a good selling point to attract new talent. Businesses want their staff to stay long term and they can achieve that by creating impressive workspaces.

5) Being Eco-Friendly

As the talks about being more eco-friendly increase, more businesses will want to show their workspace is helping to save the planet by recycling and turning off computers instead of leaving them on standby (did you know businesses can save at least £1000 a year by switching off electricals).  In 2016, there will be an increasing trend of offices incorporating eco-friendly features into their design. Such as repurposing second hand furniture and adding more plants.

6) Cleaning the Clutter

To create a safe and tidy working environment, more offices will invest in furniture that will help hide away stretches of long wires.  More employers will remind their staff to keep their work spaces tidy, especially if they’re hotdesking. A tidy office looks like a professional office.

7) More people working from home

working from home

Thanks to the internet, many employees can access their work accounts from anywhere outside the office. The idea of working from home has been increasing in popularity lately. It saves space for employers and many employees like having the option so they can balance work and home life.

In 2016, we’ll see more people working from home so offices will have less working areas or some workspaces will close entirely, creating virtual businesses where all employees work from home.

8) Space for Team Activities

This year, more employers will encourage their employees to take part in physical activities. They will focus on getting extra space in their office or create a conference room that can be quickly converted into an exercise studio. More companies will promote healthier living and taking part in exercise classes during lunch.

9) Lounge Areas to Unwind

Most office spaces have an area to eat lunches but there is not usually a designated area for employees to sit down and just shut off for fifteen minutes.

Many employers encourage their staff to take their breaks and have a walk around but some some staff don’t want to walk around because they don’t want to disturb their colleagues. This year, more employers will ensure they have a designated area for their staff to go and have a rest.

10) More Meeting Areas

As more employers are encouraging their employees to discuss new ideas, they will look for ways to boost their staff’s creativity. And this year, more employers will encourage their teams to have meetings in different areas of the office. Have meetings in the kitchen, a quick catch up in the lounge area or sit on the floor in the yoga room.  Employers will want offices with additional space so they can offer additional areas to work.


Finding the perfect office can take up a lot of time; especially when you’re researching and making enquiries. But it’s important to get it right, the design of your office impacts your employees and your customers.  A good looking workspace inspires office morale and in the long term this keeps your staff happy (and not wanting to give in their notice). Customers want to be impressed by what they see – consider your office as your portfolio.

In 2016, there will be a major shift in offices getting a modern update to attract new talent, keep their employees happy and impress customers. Is your office modern? Download our FREE eBook to see what makes a modern office.

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