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Office Fit Out Birmingham

Our team of enthusiastic staff will handle your personal project plan - helping you with your furniture, office space planning and management of the teams carrying out the work.

Birmingham is arguably the heart and soul of the midlands so we’ve put our heart and soul into all of our furniture straight to you. Our tables and chairs are diverse and vibrant, delivered to your office in any colour or size you desire.

We differ from most other office creation businesses in many ways. We will go the extra mile and offer an end-to-end service that meets ALL of your needs. Working to flexible hours to suit your business, our passionate and dedicated team ensure that there is as little disruption to the daily work process as possible.

We can organise deliveries while calculating and maximising space. Our experts will talk you through every aspect of your desired installation in precise detail.

A long with hardwood furniture, we also fit safe and slightly softer furniture for primary schools such as the fun, unique and simple Hokki. The fun factor isn’t just for children though, we have a diverse range of subtle or bold colours to brighten up any workspace.