The modern office space is changing with employers opting for more open plan options, clean modern lines and even social areas for their staff. Research has shown that happy employees are more productive so uncluttered workspaces in cool calming colours are certainly the way forward. Breakout areas are also beginning to feature more as places for informal meetings to be held or for employees to simply take a break away from their desk.

At Elm Workspace we have over 20 years of experience supplying office furniture in Bath and the surrounding areas. We supply office furniture from some of the leading manufactures in the UK, so you can be assured that everything you can purchase from us is of the highest quality. If you are looking for high quality, durable and above all beautiful furniture for your office space then look no further than the comprehensive range on offer from Elm Furnishing. We have the modern furniture solutions you are looking for when it comes to your workspace.

At Elm Workspace the service that we offer isn’t limited to supplying a fantastic range of office furniture, we also have an in-house team who specialise in design and space planning so if you are not sure where to start with your furniture requirements we have the expertise to guide you through all the options. We are proud of the service that we offer to all of our clients and are ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited so you can be assured of the service that you receive.

We can help you to create an open plan office with clean lines and modern furniture that fits perfectly with the concept of hot desks, allowing your employees the ability to move around the office as needed. Our stunning range of office chairs has been selected with comfort and adjustability in mind. Correct posture is very important and especially with employees who spend a large portion of the day working on a computer. Adjustable chairs make hot desking simpler whilst offering maximum comfort to everyone.

We also have a wide range of storage solutions, including lockers that can be used to help create a streamlined office. Partitions are also a must in the modern office, and we have a variety of those as well to help you provide partially screened workspaces for your employees without making them feeling claustrophobic within their individual workspace.

Whether you are looking for furniture to create soft seating areas for informal meetings, or new desks and chairs in order to create a modern workspace with clean lines then we have everything you need, and something to suit every budget.

For more information on our range of office furniture or to make an enquiry get in touch with us today.

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