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The VS range of intelligent and integrative furniture from Elm Workspace is ideally suited to educational and office workspaces. VS manages all aspects of the furniture development with complete solutions that are high-performance and economically attractive.

The practical furniture range offers flexibility with stackable tables and chairs, making it ideal for school refectory areas, canteen and lunch spaces. Crucial to the flexibility of a space is its furniture. Apart from traditional furniture for the school or canteen, VS also offers space-saving furniture which is easy to move or store away.

Tables and chairs by VS can be stacked safely to save space or be moved when a room needs to be reorganised. VS’ stackable chairs have row connectors so they are can provide ideal seating too for large areas.

The furniture is also ideal for office environments. Offering swivel, adjustable chairs as well as adjustable tables, the furniture will compliment your office and create a relaxing place to be productive. The swivel chair range features an adjustable inclination, seat depth suspension, lumbar support suspension and headrest.

Check out the wide selection of VS furniture including RondoLift, Puzzle, TriTable, Panto Swing, Hokki, Everyis1 and Hero-Turn. This stylish selection is available to order from Elm Workspace. Give the friendly team a call to get help with your order or discuss your bespoke requirements in further detail. We understand the industry and are familiar with all types of office moves and relocations.