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Commercial Office Partitions

Office partitions help you to make the most of the space you have available. They create flexible walls that can separate out meeting and breakout rooms without the need for construction work on your existing space. Contact us today and we’ll handle the whole process, providing and installing partitioning walls.
Open plan offices work for lots of businesses, but even the most open workplace needs some different spaces. Our partitioning walls are thin, but they can be easily soundproofed to allow you to hold meetings without being disrupted by the buzz of the wider office. We pride ourselves on installing solutions like this with minimal disruption to your everyday working pattern.
If you have an idea about what your office could look like with partitions and perhaps a new layout, we will work alongside you to turn that idea into a practical reality. Our office workplace analysis and design experts will discuss the rooms that you would like partitioning and determine how that will work with regards to the size and shape of your office space.
We pride ourselves on clear communication at every stage of the process, from initially talking through your requirements, to determining the exact measurements of the rooms you want partitioning, to the final installation itself. Our goal is to make sure that every stage of the office partition installation process is conducted to your standards and expectations.
If you’re interested in discussing how office partitions could work for your workplace, either as a single installation or as part of a larger refurbishment project, get in touch with us today. We will happily talk through your requirements and work out the best solution based on your business’s unique requirements. We also offer other services, like the installation of glass partitions, so we have the flexibility to work to whatever vision you have.
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