Clerkenwell Design Week is the UKs leading independent design festival. Clerkenwell showcases leading UK and international brands presented in a series of showroom events, exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area.

Elm Workspace send their design team and furniture specialists to source the latest cutting edge trends and products for 2019 to supply to their clientele.

Elms leading Furniture Specialists understand what looks good in a commercial environment and know importantly what functions well and will enhance an office space. When specifying furniture, they don’t just consider price when recommending products but also functionality and style. Clerkenwell keeps the team up to date on new products that can be used for concept designs and space plans.

It’s a surreal experience visiting this event as it brings products to life, which means that designers can live and breathe the latest in the furniture world and put passion into everything they do – knowingly recommending products they have tried themselves.

It would be tough to call a favourite, but a product we really liked was from Gresham. A modular sofa which allows designers to configure as they desire. The design of this sofa oozes creativity, it’s also extremely versatile and flexible as cushions and backrests can be moved and manipulated to suit any commercial space.

Another stand out piece was a quirky Button Stool– the geometric look grabbed our attention and when trying out the piece we loved the fact it was extremely comfortable and adjustable, moving as we moved!

One of the main trends we have noticed at Clerkenwell 2019 is the continuation of bringing your home life to work. No – we don’t mean your little petty arguments or sitting in your pants, but workplaces are trying to make their workspace more comfortable and relaxing. Baring in mind that we spend more time at work than at home, its important we can feel at ease and chilled out on our lunch breaks.

Office spaces are starting to look more inviting and informal but with a modern vibe – which we are excited about!

Not only that but some serious 80s vibes are hitting the market – we are talking lots of black and open ended storage solutions.

The main aim of Elm visiting Clerkenwell is to keep up to date with the goings on in the furniture world, keep on top of what’s new on the market, along with building and maintaining all important working relationships with furniture manufacturers.

We look forward to blogging about this fantastic event again next year for the big 2020!