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The modern office is undergoing significant changes and social spaces are becoming a major part of that change. Together with breakout areas and hot desking, these solutions offer employers a chance to make sure that their employees are being listened to about what makes them feel comfortable in their workspace.

Studies have shown that employees who are fully at ease in their workspace are actually more productive, and many employers are making changes to their offices in order to reflect this. These new ways of working allow employees to move small meetings to comfortable spaces where everyone feels at ease and the contributions and ideas flow. If social spaces is something that you have been considering for your business, but you are not quite sure how to achieve the right balance, then why not let Elm Workspace help. We have an expert team in-house who can work with you on design and space planning in order to add the right level of social space to your offices.

Clean lines, comfortable chairs and modern solutions – these are all things that help to make social spaces. A space that reflects a more homely environment and makes your employees feel comfortable is entirely possible, no matter what space you have. Here at Elm Workspace, we can create smart working solutions that really get results.

Social spaces are not just limited to the office environment, they also work well in a variety of other situations as well. In fact, you have probably already seen them in places like restaurants and cafes and maybe some outdoor spaces as well. The idea is simply to create a comfortable space where people can get together and feel at ease.

No matter what type of furniture for social spaces you are looking for, the wide range that we have at Elm Workspace is sure to contain everything you need to create the look you want. Whether you want comfortable traditional looking sofas and low tables, or modern upholstered chairs that you can create several seating areas with, we have something to suit every vision and every budget.

All of our furniture has been sourced from some of the top manufacturers so if you can’t see what you are looking then get in touch with us and we can help you.

For more information on social spaces or to make an enquiry get in touch with us today.

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fabrics and

Our beautifully crafted social spaces furniture offer an informal refuge for employees and small groups to encourage creativity and inspire collaboration. We offer a huge range of styles and designs combining wooden frames, head rests, acoustic wings, sofas and armchairs, classic styles, high backs, low backs, seating options, two-tone fabric finishes, the combinations are endless.


We understand the importance of having a comfortable social space that allows employees to be productive. All of our social spaces furniture is available with desktop, in-desk or pop-open power and data modules. These electrical accessories can be built into any of our tables or the arms of our seating products to ensure your teams devices are connected and powered to enhance creativity within the workplace.

Delivery and

At Elm Workspace we are proud to be one of the leading companies in the South West when it comes to supplying & specifying office and education furniture. We offer an extensive range of desking, chairs, storage and breakout furniture.
We are committed to providing our customers exceptional service. We have a number of delivery services available, all tailored to your requirements including next day, 5-7 day and nominated day deliveries. For further information on delivery and installation service contact our sales team today.


Attention to detail is key to a successful design and installation. Many factors are considered when space planning such as departmental association, business functionality and aesthetics. Our team is dedicated to maximise the capacity of your working area or classroom in an efficient way. Using the latest software our team produce 2D plans and 3D renders. Why not book your free space plan and let us enhance your existing working space.