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Soho2 Desking

Soho2 Desking
As organisations become more collaborative and workers spend increased time in teams , workplaces are evolving to support interaction.
Individuals often require varying degrees of privacy and interaction throughout the day and across projects.
Soho2 responds to these transitions in the working environment.
Designed as a responsive, comprehensive line of desking, benching, and tables, Soho2 beautifully adapts to a variety of aesthetics, workstyles, and environments.
Soho2 includes integrated sliding top as standard. A comprehensive range of freestanding and back-to-back desking at a standard height of 730mm. Soho2 has been designed to meet and exceed current ergonomics standards.
Utilising a telescopic cable tray, and shared components, quick-fix modesty panels and telescopic structural beams allows flexible solutions.