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Learning Resources

Learning Resources

School Learning Resources

The early years of school and nursery are a key part of any child's life as you learn the essentials such as counting, spelling and general life tips. Teachers try their best to make learning fun with new toys, games and challenges that children will enjoy using but will learn new skills at the same time. Here at Elm Workspace, we supply a range of learning resources to help children learn.

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Here at Elm Workspace, we have specially selected a range of educational toys for kids to use in nursery and the early years of school. These toys are designed to help children learn whilst they play. They have been designed to attract and keep the attention of the children whilst the teacher uses these resources to help teach the class. These learning resources are easy to clean and are made out of non-toxic materials, making them extremely safe for children to use and interact with.

Our range of learning resources includes fun toys and also aids to help kids start on the long path of learning. These aids will help children count, spell and complete basic Maths and English challenges. Our learning resources can be used in playgroups, nurseries, schools and child care organisations as these can be used by children of all ages which will make learning fun and not such a chore. These aids allow you to keep children's attention due to their bright colours, attractive and interactive features and allow for a more hands-on learning experience.

Elm Workspace online furniture store’s collection of learning resources have been handpicked to get the most out of the children’s learning capacity. They have been manufactured to keep children safe therefore made without any toxic materials, they are durable with smooth surfaces, therefore, making them easy to wipe down and keep clean, therefore preventing the risk of spreading germs and creating harmful bacteria.

View our whole range of education furniture here at Elm Workspace and feel free to contact a member of our team who is more than happy to help you pick out the essential education furniture for your classroom. With our free delivery option, you can order all of the education furniture you need within the Summer holidays and get a fresh and new looking classroom for when the next school year starts.