The Benefits Of A Consultation Before Finalising A Project Budget

The Benefits Of A Consultation Before Finalising A Project Budget

It’s good to talk. It’s even better to talk to a professional whilst you’re planning an office move or refurbishment. Don’t wait until you think you’re ready for work to begin but instead book a consultation before you finalise a project’s budget.

There are many benefits  in this edition of The Newsroom. We hope to make sure you get the most comprehensive move or refurbishment for your office, with surest piece of mind that all possible thought and expert advice has been included.


Cost Advice – Reducing Budget

Speaking to a management contractor before finalising the budget for your project will result in a lower final figure. Ideally, it would be best to speak to a couple of management contractors before you eventually begin but speaking to at least one is a must-do at the early stages.

There are a range of other reasons – and they are listed below – but they all result in improving what matters most to any business; improving the bottom line figure.

Continue reading to see how this range of reasons work together to result in lowering the budget needed for your office refurbishment or move.


Expert Advice – Identifying Problems

There may be problems or obstacles that only the experts can envisage before they happen. That’s purely down to experience and professional know-how.

The benefit of engaging with a management contractor at the early planning or budgeting stage is that any problems which could or may occur during a project are only going to become more expensive to resolve as time goes on. Speaking with an expert company at the outset will reduce the amount that future obstacles cost as solutions can be worked into the design or planned for well in advance.

Problems may relate to logistics, timing, materials or design decisions. An expert management contractor is perfectly suited to offer advice and assistance in identifying these issues as early as possible.


Professional Experience – New Solutions

As well as identifying issues that you and your colleagues may not have realised, a good management contractor can offer the most suitable solutions. Likewise, any issues which you may already have identified but may have been unable to resolve might be solved once a contractor is engaged.

Whatever the issue may be, chances are that an experienced contractor has had a similar obstacle in the past so they can use prior knowledge. Failing that, they and their staff can use their network of contacts within the industry to come up with a new solution.

Having a contractor consulting you from the earliest possible stage means that there are less surprises when the project is live so therefore all parties can be well prepared. The issue can be managed and solved smoothly so that cost changes can be kept to a minimum, aiding your cost reports.


Professional Resources – CGI Renders & Full Plans

Consulting with a contractor like Elm from the outset of an office move or refurbishment provides you with early CGI images, 3D renders and planning drawings. Whether for use in marketing materials or to help achieve sign off from a landlord, directors or the board; they will make life a whole lot easier and the approval process quicker.


Always Use A Second Opinion – Achieving Sign Off

For peace of mind and good business practice, it’s always advisable to gain a second opinion. Booking consultations with and acquiring prices from a range of contractors is always advisable. At the earliest, pre-budget stage, it is best to speak to just one respected management contractor in order to establish a scope for the project to allow more precise planning and costing.

Elm Workspace can advise on space planning, offer suggestions on how best to create and achieve your goals, and make sure you’re best placed to achieve sign-off internally or with the building’s owners.


Book A Consultation

If you are responsible for researching the viability of an office move, renovation or refurbishment for your business, Elm Workspace are happy to offer a free consultation and speak with you about your project. We can offer you free advice and an assessment of what is best for your business.

Furthermore, we will also offer you a free CGI office render so that you can get an early idea of what your finished project will look like.

Press the green FIND OUT MORE button below to begin arranging your free consultation.

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