The TEN signs you need to move office NOW!

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The TEN signs you need to move office NOW!

Most businesses have to move offices at least once. As your company grows in the number of employees or you decide to offer extra services, you’ll likely start to ponder about moving to a bigger place. Moving to another work space is a major decision for you and your business but it’s important you make the leap at the right time. Keeping your business in an unsuitable office can be damaging to employee morale and damaging to your business image. Here are the TEN signs you need to move office now.

1) Too many employees, not enough space

If your employees feel like they haven’t sufficient space to work, they can feel unhappy and in extreme cases, threaten to leave. Your employees are working at least eight hours a day and they need to feel like they have their own space. It’s important to keep a positive working environment.  If you hear your employees are unhappy with the size of their work space or you see for yourself there is a space issue then you need to start looking for a larger area for your staff to work.

2) Bad Image

You can win and lose customers by how your company looks. Some clients care about a business’ culture and what their office looks like.  People say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but people judge businesses and are more willing to listen to their gut feeling if they think the company looks unprofessional. Don’t let your business’ image take a detrimental hit because it needs to be updated.

3) Location

Your location can be a benefit or a problem for future customers.  If you have a business where customers need to visit your office then your office’s location needs to be easily accessible for them.

Marketing companies will likely benefit from being located in towns and cities because their target market will be found there. If you have a company selling agricultural equipment, you’ll benefit more in a rural setting.

If you discover your location is being detrimental to your future business ambitions then you need to consider moving.

4) Office needs updating

Are your office facilities looking dire? Do the pipes rattle every time someone uses the tap or is there a colourful case of mould in the back cupboard. Although problems like these are the problems of your landlord, you can’t let them affect your business’ image. If your landlord is unwilling to fix breaks and leaks, it’s a wiser choice to look for an updated modern office building.

5) Costs too much

Is the price of your location costing you more than it’s worth? The location of your business should benefit your business rather than being a major cost. If you find it’s cheaper to set your business elsewhere then consider the option.

6) Current office can’t cope with future business services

Do you need extra space to lift off your new services? As businesses expand in the types of services they provide, they need to have the space available to ensure the business can operate efficiently. Before you offer any new services you need to look at your work space and question whether you can work at optimum  level.

7) No room for storage

Some companies are happy storing their extra furnishings and equipment off-site but in the long-term is that chewing into your profits? Having a place to store your filing systems, products and spare equipment can be difficult if you have a small office.

You can profit by having that extra space in your office so you can store all your storage on-site.

8) Need spare rooms for meetings

Businesses need private areas for confidential meetings. Having meetings in the local sandwich shop or at your desk isn’t always productive and can be irritating for other employees who are trying to work.

If you’re having meetings on a daily basis then you need a conference or meeting room. Separate rooms can benefit group discussion and stop other employees from being interrupted.

9) No place for your staff to relax

Although this is not always a high priority for employers, it’s important for employees to have somewhere to relax during their breaks.

Having a 10 minute break at your desk is not the same as sitting away from your computer in the break room. Studies have shown work quality can decline after one hour of work but taking a 5 minute break every 40 minutes can help the brain refocus on tasks. Employees can be more productive after their breaks.

10) Your office doesn’t reflect your brand

Even if your office is modern and has the latest gear, if it doesn’t reflect your company’s brand, you may need to consider moving. In most cases, an office redesign can help solve this issue but your office’s location can have a major impact on your business’ brand image. Moving office is a major step so consider your situation carefully before you decide.

There are many signs you need to move office and it’s your responsibility to keep an eye out for them before they harm your business’ image or profits. Moving to a new office can be a long term process so give yourself time to prepare.

Elm Workspace has decades of experience designing, moving and furnishing new offices. Just have a look at our portfolio to see the different types of clients we’ve worked with (Just Eat, Barratt Homes and Clarks are just a few of our previous and current clients).

What were your reasons for moving office? Share your experience below.

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