Want to be money savvy? How to save money moving office

Saving Money

Want to be money savvy? How to save money moving office

Moving offices can be an expensive expedition. Especially when it can take a lot of time to process the legal paperwork, decorate and move office furniture. Keeping to a financial budget can seem like a difficult task but there are ways you can save money and even make money (really!) during an office move.  Learn how to save money moving to a new workspace and keep your boss happy without breaking the piggy bank.

Keep your current office furniture

Buying office furniture is one of your biggest spends you will be spending during your office move.  A large high quality office table can cost between £100-300. If you have 20 employees to buy tables for that cost can be approximately £4000.

Have you considered keeping your furniture? It’s a common misconception that it’s more expensive to move furniture instead of buying brand new.  Hiring a office move service means you can get a company to move everything for you. And if you hire an experienced company, you can relax knowing they will safely transfer your property so you’re not forced to buy new because of the damages.

If you can’t move your current furniture straight away to your new office, then consider getting it stored until your new office is available to move in.

Buy secondhand 

Buying secondhand office furniture probably didn’t even cross your mind, did it? It’s common for businesses to purchase brand new desks, chairs and computers when they move. But secondhand is cheaper. And in some cases you can still buy high quality furnishings at a discounted price.

Buying second hand also shows your business promotes an eco-friendly culture. Eco-friendly offices can help summon positive work culture and can impress potential customers.

Don’t throw unwanted furniture – sell it!

If the plan is to buy new furniture for the new office then you might want to consider selling your unwanted furniture. The first instinct is usually to throw away old computers and desks but if they’re still in good condition then you can probably get some money back. As office furniture is usually expensive, second-hand furniture still possess value after a couple of year’s of use.

There are websites you can advertise your furniture:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Preloved

You can advertise your furniture as a buy and collect so you don’t have to pay extra to get a delivery service organised, your buyer can arrange their own delivery.

By selling unwanted furniture you can save money moving and give extra back to your budget.

Share office space

Share? More offices are now sharing office spaces because you can get more room at a cheaper price.

There are many benefits to a shared office space:

  • More space
  • More employees for people to communicate with which can improve morale in the workplace
  • Shared appliances – Fridges, microwaves, printers and photocopiers are expensive pieces of tech!
  • Share office space with another business who can benefit from your services (and you can benefit from theirs). If you’re a marketing company, you can benefit by partnering with a design business. It’s like you have an in-house team of additional services.

Find a professional office relocation company

Hiring the services of an experienced move management company can give you added benefits than that of  just a moving service. At Elm Workspace, we work with our customers to advise on the appropriate fixtures and fittings for our clients needs and intended budget.

Negotiate your lease

When finding ways on how to save money moving offices, some people forget you can save money by negotiating.  Landlords are desperate to keep their office spaces filled. If you’re planning to stay in your new office on a long term basis, you have extra legroom to discuss with the landlord.

Saving money or even earning money during an office move can seem impossible but if you prepare in advance and keep to your budget, your piggy bank can stay healthy.

Costs is only one of the many factors you need to control whilst moving offices. So, we’ve created a printable office move checklist so you can keep on top of everything during your office move!

Can you recommend any others ways on how to save money moving offices? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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