What Are Some Teamwork Skills Every Office Needs

What Are Some Teamwork Skills Every Office Needs

Teamwork is a necessary skill that is needed within the office as it allows you to work well with other colleagues to produce high quality work. Working well as a team boosts morale, productivity and gives employees a sense of belonging. However, getting employees to work well as a team can be tricky with clashes of personality and working methods getting in the way of creating high quality work.

Teamwork is a skill that a person can have naturally or they develop as they work with their colleagues. There are many aspects that are correlated together to make a person good at working within a team.  What are some teamwork skills you need to have? We have it covered.

Good Communication

When working in a group, employees should be able to input their ideas into the mix clearly and effectively, therefore, being able to communicate clearly is a necessity if you want to get your ideas heard and taken into consideration. Communication within the group can also be used differently such as expressing your feelings about other people’s ideas in a constructive but non-threatening way.

With good communication skills comes good listening skills. Listening to fellow colleagues is essential as you wouldn’t want to miss any good ideas that you could elaborate on, also not listening to people within the group could cause tension, therefore, creating a bad dynamic within the team.

Communicating well doesn’t just happen within the group, once your team have either finished the project or come up with ideas for the company, communicating these across to managers or line managers is the next step as you want your ideas to come across well and effectively. Being clear, concise and confident is all you need to be able to do to communicate well.

Knowing Your Job Role

Unless you have assigned a member within your team to be a leader who gives people their job roles, understanding what part of the task everyone is in charge of is essential within working as a team.

The majority of the time people within your group will have skills in other aspects than the rest of the group and will be good at taking on different tasks. This difference in skills is where good communication comes into play because deciding who does what job role is a step into working well as a team. You wouldn’t want the whole group focusing on one task when there are other things that need doing.

Understanding your teammate’s skills is essential for determining job roles. Understanding your job role is essential to getting the job done and coming together well as a team.

Be Equal

Like mentioned above, if you have decided to make a member of group a team leader then everyone is equal. You will all have different skills and job roles which have been incorporated to your speciality within the workplace. For example you may have a marketing team of designers, SEO and PPC professionals; you wouldn’t get the person good at PPC to design something when you already have people within your team that can do that well.

Everyone in the team is equal therefore ideas should be listened to and respected, everyone should have their say and give feedback equally and in a professional manner. Treating everyone equally is a skill that impacts working well as a team.

Be Organised

Being organised is a good skill to have in life not only when working as a team but also for individual work habits. Being organised is essential when it comes to teamwork, not only does it mean your work should be orderly but it also means your team needs to be organised, which also underlines the point above of determining who has which job role.

Being organised is a great skill to have when it comes to teamwork. Being organised within the group means you can be more productive as you will know what person needs to do what and the group will run smoothly with little to no hiccups.

Be Supportive

Everyone within a group will be different and some will be more confident than others. Being supportive is another great quality to have within life and within a team at work. Supporting one another increases morale and productivity which makes your team run effectively and efficiently.

As stated above, some team members will be more confident than others therefore being supportive also comes with encouragement. Encouraging each other will create a positive atmosphere which will them increase productivity and get the cogs going for a great team effort.

Supporting one another’s efforts within the team will boost employees confidence in delivering ideas and inputting into group discussions.

Respect One Another

With group members communicating ideas and opinions, having respect is essential when it comes to teamwork. By focusing on how to fix things instead of who is to blame is respectful as it focuses on constructive criticism instead of pointing the finger. Whether the reason the group has been put together is to brainstorm ideas or to work on how to fix a problem everyone should be respected to have their say and be listened to.

Ideas will flow more if there is respect within the group as people won’t be scared to deliver across their ideas and opinions knowing that they won’t be knocked down without an explanation. Ideas are there to be developed.

Working in a team can be challenging as there can easily be a clash of personalities. If you acknowledge the working in a team skills you above, working with colleagues will become plain sailing and your tasks will be done productively and will be effective.

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