What Kind Of Dogs Are You And Your Co-Workers?

What Kind Of Dogs Are You And Your Co-Workers?

You’ve seen the “What Kind Of Dog Are You?” quizzes on the internet, have you ever considered what kind of dogs you and your co-workers are? If you’re looking for ways to encourage teamwork at work, this quirky exercise is a fun quiz to share with your colleagues. 

Scroll Through To Find Your Inner Dog.


Personality: Gentle, Friendly, Loyal, Focused and Loves To Work As A Team

Every office has a Beagle. Beagles are gentle dogs who love company (humans and other animals alike). They prefer working as part of a team and they are very intelligent. People who have similar attributes to the Beagle avoid the limelight; they prefer to achieve their successes as a group rather than individually.

Thanks to their incredible sense of smell, Beagles are often used by police to detect illegal food and drugs in airports. They are also often used as hunting dogs. Their sense of smell can be gift and a curse, once they find a scent, they are on pursuit, their mind 100% on the goal – which can make it difficult to identify difficult problems until it’s too late. If you’re a Beagle you need to do your best to avoid rushing into new ideas and problems head-on; there’s nothing wrong with stepping back to reassess the situation.


Border Collie

Personality: Alert, Responsive, Energetic and Prefers To Work Independently

As a herding dog, the Border Collie is a natural born manager. Energetic and positive, the Border Collie loves getting the job done, and loves getting it done well. Sometimes it’s harder to imagine where they get all the positive energy from. They’re great at managing others but prefers to complete the hard tasks by themselves.

While they’re an excellent manager, sometimes they can get overbearing. You know it’s because they love their job, sometimes you just have to tell them to take a step back and give you some space to work.



Personality: Plucky, Talkative, Quick and Devoted To Their Friends

Surprisingly loud for a small dog, the Chihuahua is popularly known for its persistent bark. However, it’s important to note that it only barks because it wants to be heard. It might be a small dog but it’s full of personality and loves to play.

Employees with Chihuahua traits are courageous and willing to try new skills. They love to talk and get to know their colleagues. They are especially devoted to their friends and willing to give them an extra hand when they need help.

Chihuahuas love having fun, so it’s not surprising to see their employee-counterparts always volunteering to organise parties and after work events. If you’re eager to find ways on how to build teamwork at work, ask your office-Chihuahuas to get involved.



Personality: Smart, Lively, Persistent and Can Be Rather Stubborn At Times

Every office needs a Dachshund on their team. Their intelligent and lively nature makes them an effective motivator. Once they have a goal in mind, they are particularly persistent and eager to get the job done correctly and on target. As Dachshunds love to dig and track scents, they don’t mind getting their hands dirty and getting involved.

Their only shortfall is they can be rather stubborn and resistant to change; you’ll have to persuade them slowly and focus on the positives (or give treats).


German Shepherd

Personality: Strong, Confident, Observant and Prefers Action Rather Than Words

German Shepherds are often used as police and guard dogs because they are extremely loyal and protective of people they care about. Very confident, the German Shepherd is a natural born leader who also enjoys working as part of a group.

Any German Shepherds in the office prefer to get on with the task at hand. They can get angsty if there are too many meetings and discussions. Tell them what to do and they will get on with it. They can get overprotective when it comes to personal space. They’re happiest when they are in an organised and tidy work environment.


Great Dane

Personality: Reserved, Hard Worker, Loyal Friend and Office Mascot

On first impressions, Great Danes can appear rather terrifying. Usually reaching around 80cm in height, they have a large presence but once you get to know them, it’s clear they’re a gentle giant. With a reserved personality, they work hard and care strongly about their friends.

Any Great Danes in the office are usually quiet but they make a positive impression on everyone they meet. Everyone has a high opinion about them. If they support your ideas, they will back you up and encourage everyone to follow.


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Personality: Laid Back, Happy, Trusting, Confident and A Kid At Heart

Labradors are a popular dog for families because they are so even tempered and friendly. They love to play and can act like a kid even when they’re halfway through adulthood.



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Any employees who have Labrador traits are fun to have around, they can help fix stresses in the office and their laid back nature has a positive relaxing influence on others. They’re happy to follow the leader and support the team.

While it’s rare, a Labrador can have a reactive temper when they are under serious amounts of stress. Give them a helping hand when they’re in trouble.



Personality: Intelligent, Loyal, Alert and Loves To Learn New Skills

You might think Poodles only care about their looks but you’re wrong. There’s a good reason Poodles are popular in dog competitions, they are easy to train and very intelligent. The Poodles in the office love sharing new ideas with their colleagues and trying something new. They’re passionate about work and achieving impressive results.

Due to their intelligence, they require lots of mental stimulation and want to be continually challenged. If they get bored, they might decide to move on.



Personality: Playful, Attentive, Introverted and Prefers To Be Away From The Limelight

Pugs are popularly known for their short size, cute faces and adorable eyes. However, an unknown fact (unless you’ve owned a Pug) is that Pugs are quiet and very intelligent. They prefer to stay by their owner’s side and away from the limelight. Their introverted nature causes them to keep to themselves but they’re friendly and particularly meticulous when it comes to work.

Any Pugs in your office will likely keep to themselves but they take pride in their work and work hard from the shadows.


Siberian Husky

Personality: Outgoing, Intelligent, Team Motivator and Friendly

The Siberian Husky is a strong and motivated canine, designed for travelling long distances in difficult and barren terrain. The employee equivalent of a Siberian Husky is the employee who is always willing to volunteer for new and challenging roles. In some cases, they are one of the few who are onboard while everyone else is stuck on the fence. This employee can muster everyone into action, motivating them towards success.

Their only downfall is they may often compete with others for leadership over the pack.They will only step down if they respect their new pack leader, otherwise they will struggle to step into line.

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