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Workplace Analysis

The productivity of your employees and the way the company as a whole functions are strongly influenced by the setup of your office. Workplace analysis is a key stage in working out what the best setup is for your business and putting in place the steps to make your ideas a reality.
Are you making the best use of the space you have at your disposal? Are your employees sitting in the best places to encourage healthy levels of engagement and maximum productivity? Do you have spaces that your employees can go for both internal meetings and meetings with clients? Elm Workspace’s workspace analysis experts can help you answer all these questions and more when you speak to us.
We run workplace analysis as a collaborative effort - we believe this has to be the case if it’s going to make a real difference to your business. A team of our trained office designers will come in and examine your workplace to make an initial assessment of the improvements that it looks like could be made. They will then work with you to discuss the vision you have for the office and the options that are available to make your ideas a reality. Even minor improvements like changing the position of the desks or adding in a partition can provide major benefits to the overall operation of your workplace.
Since an office is expensive to run at the best of times, we want to help you get the biggest ROI possible from the space you have at your disposal. With our multidisciplinary expertise, the team at Elm Workspace can manage the entire analysis process, then carry forward any necessary design and branding conversations or more practical refurbishment tasks further down the line.
To find out how you can get the most out of your office, get in touch with Elm today and ask about our workplace analysis service. We would love to find out what you have in mind and start the conversation about what we can do to help.

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