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Workplace Analysis

Optimise How Your Office Operates With Workspace Analysis

The way your company functions and how productive your employees are can rely heavily on how your workspace is setup. The location of key equipment and even the arrangement of your desks can have a positive or negative influence on overall results. You can find out whether your office is working at optimum capacity by having a workplace analysis.

A workplace analysis is where a team of experienced and trained office designers can examine your workspace to determine whether improvements can be made. They can consult you on the best options available and can also assist you in making the physical alterations to your workplace. Since an office can be expensive to run, it’s important you get the best out of it. Even minor improvements like changing the position of your desks or adding additional doors can provide major benefits to how your workspace operates.

By having an analysis of your current processes and the setup of your office, you can optimise your workspace; improve productivity; reduce the risk of injury in the workplace; benefit employee morale and wellbeing; and even increase ROI.

With Elm Workspace, we have provided office design analysis in many different types of workspaces. Our team can carry out an assessment of your workplace, analyse how the office runs and take a close look at individual processes and workstations. We will also assess any health and safety hazards that we come across. Before we start suggesting solutions, we will also speak to you and your staff to determine how the current office design is inhibiting productivity. When we return to our own offices, we will draft up several different solutions, considering your budget and what’s practical. Don’t worry! We won’t suggest knocking down any walls unless you really have to. We want to help you optimise your current workspace without overspending the budget. Our workplace analysis service is designed to help you create a workspace that runs effectively and offers a safe place to work.

After we’ve offered you solutions on how to improve your workplace, we can also help you to make those solutions a reality. At Elm Workspace, we’re an experienced team who has managed office refurbishments and workplace redesigns. Rather than hiring several different companies to carry out your office improvements, we can manage everything for you. If you have any questions about our office analysis services, please get in touch with our team. We have conducted office design analysis in Bristol, Wiltshire and throughout the South West.

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