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X-Time Work

X Time work

Modular managerial lines in melamine and glass. Linear and modular geometrical shapes, elegant shades change into transparencies and opacity; wood and metal are the key to
manage and to personalize the executive space. Clean line combined with the elegance of the storage units for a high-level executive office.
Choice of materials, colour combinations and details have been choosen with care; the different compositions create exciting, beautiful and functional solutions. The original design of its
elements makes the line unique and original; you get a personalized configuration of your working space.
The definition of the executive area: formal concepts for functionality, interpreted through the components in crystal
which give a wide range of aesthetical solutions. A space with its own identity. A natural elegance rises from the essential shapes; priority is given to wooden details. A complete line.
Completeness is the characteristic of the furnishing proposal to give an answer to a complete furnishing project bearing in mind also the style.
Impressive light and shade effect. The severity of geometry for an effect between light and dark, necessary in a furnishing project of suggestive shapes.
Essential environments. Linearity lives together with winding and curvilinear elements.
A project where elements integrate themselves into the architecture matching the brightness of the crystal.
Back to the compositive reality, to the essentiality of shapes. Informality and strictness define the desk where the tradition of wood and the reflections of crystal blend together in a natural way.
Crystal is natural and it gives a solution for getting a pure space composed by functional areas and wide surfaces.