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X2 Bench Desking

X2 Desks

Versatility and flexibility are the starting elements of the X2 range. The modular components give you endless possibilities to create your ideal workspace. 

From the single desk to the operative bench, X2 is a flexible line with different solutions for your workspace. It develops itself around a structure with endless connections and components. The sharing system of the structure allows the possibility to multiply the desktops, getting different leg compositions but keeping the same quality and practicality. 

The range also integrates the desks with operative boxes that expand functionality and working surfaces by providing cable management and storage.


Desktop Footprints:

Rectangular Desk

Single Wave Desk

Crescent Workstation

Symmetrical Workstation


MFC Finishes (25mm or 30mm Worktop):
Beech, Cherry, Grey, Oak, Canaletto Walnut, Castiglia Walnut & White

Desk Structure & Modesty Panel Finishes:

Aluminium White


Accessory Options:

Cable System

Dividing Screens

Operative Boxes