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ZetaX Executive Desk

An executive range to create an elegant but also functional working place.

The desk finishes, the three type of legs, the extensions, the meeting tables and
the storage units will help you to find out a solution to each one of your query concerning the office furniture.
A contemporary and polished office: a place where thinking, meeting and working, alone or in teamwork.
A minimal design enriched by prestigious finishes and by the combination of different materials, crystal and wood, in order
to give again the essentiality to the job, which is more and more representative of certainty, rigour and utmost precision.
The simple shapes, the interaction of the elements, the accuracy to the details, are the characteristics of an office always ready to answer to the evolution of the job.
Spaces studied to allow the maximum freedom while working.
The desks, the estensions, the pedestals and the storage units are all elements of an essential style, elegant and exclusive, which is synonym of harmony and longlasting quality.
The classic style of the excellent finishes matches very well with the modern look of crystal.
The elegance which characterizes this line is easily found in the desks and in the storage units. Pedestals, credenzas, open front cabinets or cabinets with wooden or glass doors are an excellent answer to the need of storing and filing.
The combination of finishes and glass create at the same time an elegant and informal environment. The target is to welcome guests and to work in style without showing off.