How To Build A Team And Help Wellbeing At Work

How To Build A Team And Help Wellbeing At Work

Having a great team at work helps with employee wellbeing; the two go hand in hand.  Being a part of a team can make you feel appreciated and a part of something, and wellbeing refers to your happiness and health. If being a part of a team makes you happy then it is also improving your wellbeing.

The key to a happy workforce is to make everyone feel a part of the team; this inclusion will make everyone work together and help one another through any struggles inside and outside the workplace. Here are a few ways of how to build a team within the workplace:

Create a Team Oriented Workplace

A great way to make employees work and feel like a team is to make teamwork a core company value. Creating teams within the workplace is a great way to get things done efficiently. By merging employees’ talents together into one team can produce a remarkable amount of energy and creativity, producing great work for your company and clients.

Employees will be able to show off their talents within the team and feel encouraged to prove their worth and make their team proud. Feeling like a valid member of any team will increase wellbeing within the workplace as it gives employees that drive and sense of ambition to achieve.

Assign Team Goals

Assigning goals for the team to achieve makes everyone have to work together to strive to accomplish the end goal. Having employees work together as a team encourages communication between one another to discuss where they are up to with their work to ensure the goal is achievable, measurable and deliverable .

Communicating and having a sense of pride when achieving goals the team has been set will boost employee wellbeing within the workplace. Completing challenges with other colleagues gives a sense of pride within a team and encourages them to work harder to achieve more goals in the future.

Change Your Office Layout

If you are an employer who believes in cubicles within the workplace, then getting employees to work as a team can be extremely difficult. A revamp of the office can create places for teams to meet and work on projects together; also, having an open plan office encourages communication between employees which is key if employers want that team core value to come to any use.

Creating breakout areas are great for team members to meet for a catch up, or to work on projects simultaneously. They create a great alternative for a more relaxed approach to the boardroom.

Employee wellbeing can be severely affected by an office layout. Employees who are sat on their own or in a place within the office where communication is affected can make employees feel not wanted and insignificant, almost like their employers don’t care. Cases like this one can result in the employee finding somewhere else  to work. Therefore, creating a great office environment for your employees to work hard in will encourage employees to work as a team and therefore increase their wellbeing.

Host Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are a great way to get employees bond over completing tasks or challenges. Team building is a great way to get employees from different departments to communicate with one another since they may not talk very much within the office.

Team building exercises can consist of activities outside of work, drinks after work, office games, and the list goes on. Getting your workforce together doing something fun makes employees feel appreciated knowing that their employers want them to enjoy coming to work by making it fun. Doing activities gives employees something to talk about and get excited for which creates a good atmosphere within the workplace and gets everyone feeling positive.

Hosting activities encourages wellbeing within the office as employees feel appreciated and like they are being given a treat. Work shouldn’t always be about getting your head down and working; as you spend most of your day and week with work colleagues having good relationships with people is key to enjoying work and hosting activities is a great way to get people talking.

Make Employee Roles Clear

Defining roles might seem simple but can easily be overlooked once your team has been assembled. Many employees when working in a team get lost as to what their role is and how they can help achieve the goal. This lack of direction could result in employees doing tasks they shouldn’t be and creating confusion within the office. If you are wanting employees to work on a project, ensure they know what they have been assigned to do within their team.

To make everyone feel appreciated within the team, equal job roles should be assigned to each individual apart from the team leader. Assigning roles will avoid any confusion or disputes over workload. Allowing employees who are within the team to feel like an important cog in the  machine will make them feel appreciated and that without them, the machine wouldn’t be able to work properly. Clear roles will boost an employee’s wellbeing within the workplace and as a manager you will see the results.

Address Non-Cooperative Employees

Building a team can be easy but keeping that team together and working well can be difficult. Employees can easily stray away from their tasks and not co-operate with the team on meetings. This lack of cooperation can bring down other employees within the team and the end goal could become out of reach. Employee non-participation is something to avoid.

It’s best to address the employee politely using a calm manner in order to come to an understanding as to why the employee does not like being part of the team. Offer support and come up with ways between you that will re-engage the employee into their role within the team.

Employee wellbeing is important and every member of staff is different therefore taking time to understand your employees and how they are feeling is key to a successful business.  Addressing employees who may put a damper on the rest of the team is productive and you get to understand how each individual is dealing with their workload and other team mates. You can do this by having casual one to one meetings with employees.

Many workplaces have introduced working within teams to get projects and client work done as this can create a competitive streak within the office. There is nothing like healthy competition is there? When building a team you should consider individual’s skills and the sector they work in and put them with other employees with different skills; these pairings will encourage a good workflow and communication between colleagues. The key to getting a good team is to ensure the wellbeing within the workplace is good and that every employee is feeling good about their workload and the team they have been assigned.

A Happy Workforce Can Drive Results

There are many factors that go into increasing wellbeing within the workplace.  Increasing wellbeing can result in a more productive office environment which can then lead to better results as a whole.

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