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Your office space should impress, but it also needs to inspire your staff, function efficiently, support your team’s wellbeing and boost productivity. For space design and planning that meets your needs and your budget, we’re your team.

Creating inspirational office spaces

If you’re anything like us, you want your team to be excited about coming to work in your office space. You want to create an atmosphere that’s calm and relaxed; an environment where form and function remove roadblocks, encourage collaboration and boost creativity.

Sounds like a lot, but we’ve got 20+ years of experience creating spaces that make a difference. Whenever we sit down to plan an office space, large or small, our design team consider every detail – working to create a bespoke environment that’s tailored to the needs of your business.

Shaping the future of work space design

The days of ‘maximising your office space’ by cramming formica desks into a boxy little room are fast receding into the past. The modern office is supposed to be inspiring and comfortable. It needs to cater for teams with diverse needs and it needs to support staff wellbeing with height-adjustable working zones, a layout that encourages movement, plenty of natural light, good circulation and a healthy dose of plant life.

It has to do a lot of hard work. Doubly so if you need flexible working spaces, hot-desking, quiet spaces or break out spaces. Lucky for you, we’re right there at the cutting edge of workspace design. With a real focus on functionality, sustainability and affordability, we’re the partner you need to create a truly modern workspace.

Our sustainability commitments

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It’s a process

Over the years, we’ve refined a simple, four-step process that’ll help us deliver a space to be proud of. A space that’ll make a difference. We start by listening; really listening to your needs. We’ll sit down with your team, talk through your requirements in detail and survey the available space. Then we’ll head back to our office, roll our sleeves up and start working on a plan.

Inevitably, this plan will go through a number of revisions, but eventually you’ll have a blueprint for a truly transformative space. Then it’s just a case of sourcing all the furniture you need and finding fitters and installers. Lucky for you, we’ve got all that covered too.

On the cutting edge

We live and breathe office design. Our design team spend their free time brushing up on studies exploring the benefits of biophilic design or testing new software that allows them to render best-in-class designs in a matter of hours.

Like any good office design, planning and furniture supply business, we leverage industry-standard and cutting-edge, cloud-based tools that allows us to create 2D and 3D renders of your space; experiment with different designs and collaborate with your team on a truly inspirational space.

The finishing touch

Being independent office furniture specialists allows us an almost unlimited product offering of products that are specifically designed for the workplace. We work with some of the market’s leading manufacturers such as Boss Design, Buzzispace, Frovi, and Ocee Design, to name just a few. As a result we can specify anything from an urgently required desk with our “everyday” range to a 100% sustainable meeting chair or bespoke reception counter with our “projects” range.

Studies have proven that the right product in the right environment will improve staff well-being, inspiring a more creative and effective team. We’re here to help you find yours.

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