Reception Counters – Haberdashers Knights Academy

Company Sector: Education – Academy

Location: Lewisham

Reason/Aim of the Project:

Haberdashers Knights Academy required two custom reception counters; to be designed, delivered, and installed during the summer break. Elm workspace worked closely with Barker Associates, Garrett Support Services Limited and Haberdashers Knights Academy as the projector was a complete redesign of the Student and Visitors entrance to the school.

Our design team started by sketching out plans for the counters, waiting area, and meeting room. We then turned these sketches into 3D images that showed what materials and finishes we’d use. We chose Light Sorano Oak for the base units and a bold Burgundy Red for the tops. We also designed some cool signage, including the school’s logo on the front of the counter.

We ended up designing two counters: one for the student’s entrance and another for the visitors’ area, using organic curves in our designs to match the building’s curved front. The student counter was placed between repositioned turnstiles and featured an S-shape light. The visitor counter included a clear Perspex screen with slots for sign-in monitors and a push-through on the DDA section.

Since the space for the counters didn’t exist, a plywood template was meticulously crafted, brought to the site, and adapted to align with on-site modifications. Subsequently, the counters were precision-manufactured based on these templates.

Despite the tight deadline and some last-minute changes, we managed to get everything done on time, and the finished counters fit like a pair of gloves! Haberdashers Knights Academy has a fresh new look that’s both functional and inviting and we showed that no matter the challenge, we’re up to the task.

Are you thinking of giving your workspace a makeover, give us a call! No matter the challenge we’re willing to help!

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