University of Oxford – King Edward Street

Sector: Education – University

Location: Oxford

Reason/Aim of the Project:

Elm really took the client’s needs to heart and developed a comprehensive design solution that maximised the use of the available space across three floors. Integrating various working styles, from fixed desks to flexible options like height-adjustable desks and pods for focused work, shows a thoughtful consideration for diverse work preferences.

The inclusion of flip-top whiteboard tables and mobile soft stools adds versatility to the workspace, accommodating different activities and collaborative efforts. Partnering with reputable manufacturers like Orangebox, Boss Design, Ocee Design, and Gresham Office Furniture ensures that the chosen furniture meets high-quality standards, contributing to both functionality and aesthetics.

Incorporating biophilic elements such as Live Moss Wall Panels and acoustic features like Acoustic Wall Features demonstrates our designer’s commitment to enhancing staff and visitors’ well-being, as well as creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere.

The result is a well-designed space that meets the client’s requirements and delivers a workspace that caters to both ad hoc users and permanent staff.

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