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Office Screens and Dividers

Here at Elm Workspace, we have a wide range of different screens ranging from full-length room divider screens to desktop screens. Our office partitions are sleek and stylish and can easily separate parts of the office to create a private cut-off section for meetings or to create breakout areas. Our office screens are lightweight and easy to move around the office.

Room divider screens can be used not only in offices but they are also ideal for schools, colleges and universities as they can corner off and divide sections of rooms to make different spaces within one room. Our screens don’t just end there, we also supply desktop screens which are ideal for separating desks to create an individual space for employees or students. Our range of office partitions can also be used to create meeting spaces, breakout areas and much more within any office space.

When it comes to office screens, we can offer our clients the very best in design and functionality. From a wide range of top-class suppliers, including Bisley, Boss, Frovi and VS we can create a workspace that is stunning in looks, and practical enough to meet the demands of a modern workplace.  Due to the screens being lightweight they are easy to relocate around the office.

In our wide range of room divider screens, we supply a variety of lightweight free-standing screens which are ideal for separating any room or office space. We also supply desk screens in a variety of styles including our wave screens. These can easily separate a desk space so each individual has their own space. Our office partitions are great for creating separate spaces as they are easy to move around and assemble.

There is a selection of both desk and floor screens available at Elm Workspace with different colours or fabrics to choose from. You can find either desk-mounted or freestanding screens on offer, as well as wave screens and mightyboard kits. With competitive prices and quick delivery, you will be sure to find what you need for your office or workspace requirements.

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