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9 items


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Desk Dividers & Screens

Desk dividers and room divider screens don’t come more versatile than this selection that has been picked by Elm Workspace. You can purchase these screens online and get the right desk dividers to create the desk setup that you need to work productively. All open-plan or shared office space workers benefit from having desk dividers, so don’t delay and improve how you work today.

With bracket connections available that will fit any size desk, you can install a desk divider which will help those sitting nearby work more productively. A desk screen helps to drastically cut visual distractions that occur when something moves in somebody’s peripheral vision. These distractions are often unconscious, but a common reason for somebody not being able to concentrate fully on a task. Desk dividers are also the perfect compromise between working in a fully open-plan layout and the infamous, soul-destroying cubicle of yesteryear.

Another benefit to office room divider screens and desk dividers is that they deflect and absorb lots of noise. Whether it’s generated by people chatting to colleagues, talking on the phone or even typing in an otherwise silent office, there are lots of noises that can harm the productivity of an office. Screen dividers help to deflect this noise upwards and back into softer, noise-absorbing items around the office, as well as absorb some of the sound waves themselves.

This shows that using desk dividers and room divider screens is more than just an aesthetic decision or interior design choice. But having a functionary purpose doesn’t mean that office desk screens reflect this in their visual appearance. Various finishes, sizes and colours are available so that you can choose desk screens that suit or complement your branding and/or interior design style.

If you need any further explanation of how to use, install or choose dividing screens for your desks, then simply get in touch with our team of helpful experts. They’ll be more than happy to help.

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