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Breakout seating

Breakout seating is designed for two main reasons. It can be used to benefit employees by allowing them a comfortable space where they can brainstorm and come up with brilliant ideas, and it can also be used to create a space for employees to relax or socialise with their co-workers. At Elm Workspace we supply breakout area seating to help employees be more productive in relaxed settings.

Create the ideal and comfortable breakout room with our breakout office furniture which comes in a range of professional and funky styles and colours. Our range includes block seating, long curved seating and also cocoon seating for that added bit of privacy. Our furniture does not only have to be confined to breakout zones, this range of furniture can also be used within reception areas, meeting rooms and schools too. With our range of breakout seating, you can easily brighten up any space due to their bright colours and unique shapes. Our range of soft seating has been designed to look stylish and modern but also offers comfort to the user. Breakout rooms are becoming ever more popular within workplaces as they offer a great place to go and relax comfortably and socialise with other members of staff whilst on a break. They also create a unique and comfortable area to hold team meetings and brainstorm ideas. As quite an informal range of seating due to their bright colours and quirky styles, this range of breakout furniture makes you feel relaxed as you are away from your desk and in an area where it is visually stimulating. Our products have been designed by leading brands such as Boss, Frovi, Gresham and VS. Due to our variety of products, the breakout seating will accommodate any size of office space as we supply single blocks which allow a single person to sit on two long sofas which can seat many people at the same time. Our breakout office seating can accommodate any workplace due to their unique style and variety of colours they come in. Breakout seating is becoming ever more popular and they are great for relaxing due to the comfortable seating. They offer a bit of privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the office. Our team at Elm Workspace are more than happy to answer any questions you may have so please get in touch.
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