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36 items


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24 hr & Posture Chairs

This is the Elm Workspace collection of 24-hour office chairs. Take a look at the various options of our heavy-duty, heavy use and largely ergonomic office chairs. These chairs are designed for people who spend large spells of their working life sitting stationary at a desk. They’re great highly functioning and adaptable office chairs.

Aside from being designed for comfortable use during long spells at your desk, 24-hour office chairs are also designed to be long-lasting and durable too. This is in the sense that they can withstand regular manoeuvring, adjusting and won’t quickly degrade in visual appearance when put under heavy use. They are designed with longevity in mind, in every sense - long spells of use and long spells of ownership without having to be replaced. That is why 24-hour office chairs sometimes constitute a more serious investment than, say, a basic conference room or reception chair would involve. But aside from superior build quality and materials used, these heavy use desk chairs also have a range of features included to make sure that the user stays comfortable, healthy and productive when using the chair during their long shift.

Designed To Support You

24-hour office chairs are ergonomically designed to offer the best kind of support and comfort to all who use them. When sitting in an office chair for repeated long spells, it’s important that the person can adjust the chair to make sure they aren’t causing themselves long-term harm. Studies have shown that there are statistical links between people who sit at a desk in an office job and people who suffer health problems stemming from a lack of activity. This means that it is absolutely vital that somebody who is based at their desk throughout the working week has the most ergonomically suited chair available to them. 24-hour use office chairs help meet this need. With the wide range of adjustable features included in these heavy-duty chairs, you can be sure that employees will be able to sit safely and comfortably at their desks - this means they will produce results more productively and spend less time being uncomfortable or, worse, causing themselves health problems. Despite the general purpose of 24-hour office chairs being to cater for long-term, repeated, heavy usage, not all of these chairs will break the bank and swallow up a large part of your office furniture budget. Browse the range and see which chairs match your needs and requirements. If you need any assistance our team will be happy to assist with recommendations or provide ideas of where, if you go for a premium feature chair, you can save money elsewhere.
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