Multi Draw Cabinets

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2 items


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Multi-Draw Cabinets

Here is the Elm Workspace range of Multi-Draw Cabinets storage options. From compact bookcases in various finishes to adjustable wall shelves - you can keep your meeting room or conference space clean, tidy and free of clutter. An organised meeting room is crucial for productive and timely meetings. Elm knows this and only provides the best storage options for your meeting rooms.

In terms of function, proper storage is vital for your meeting space. Regularly used items can be kept tidy and organised. Be it crockery and glasses for mid-meeting refreshments or spare literature and note-taking materials - time is saved by having such things stored in the room for when they need to be used. It helps when, during a meeting, such items are within easy and accessible reach. Having Multi-Draw Cabinets available also means it is easier to tidy up after a meeting is finished too. When it comes to looks, some additional storage furniture in a meeting room can really help create the right ambience and appearance. Like when properly designing and furnishing a reception area, it’s important to get the look and feel right in your meeting rooms. This is where tenders are won and lost, where final account meetings can prove to be a success or result in some serious targets on your next project - properly furnishing your meeting room is important to help transmit the best possible image of your business and its staff. Combine meeting room storage items with accompanying styled furniture items. Choose corresponding desks or tables and other accessories to present a consistent theme when someone enters your meeting room. If you need a hand in putting something like this together, our team will be more than happy to help you plan the space, make sure furniture will work how you want it to and even advise on simple things like sizes and delivery. Speak to the team today to find the best Multi-Draw Cabinets for meeting rooms and make sure your meeting room doesn’t let your office down.
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