Encouraging collaboration whilst maintaining flexibility

Company Sector: Council

Location: Wiltshire

Reason/Aim of the Project:

We were delighted to be asked back by Wiltshire Council to update one wing of an installation we completed 12 years ago. As a result of adapting to how the last couple of years has changed our working habits, Wiltshire Council had some space free, and wanted to create a flexible area for informal meetings and group work. It was important this space could be booked out in sections, but also be easily reconfigured to create a town hall space to fit 70 people.

The space had an existing colour scheme which needed to be continued, however we were asked to inject a unique pop of colour to the scheme. Keeping all of this in mind, we wanted to create an attractive space that staff members wanted to visit, encouraged collaboration and offered flexibility.

Team Comments on the project:

This project was another great one to be a part of. We worked closely with the project team to ensure we specified the correct products for each zone. The products we used had to allow flexibility, so we made sure the chairs and stools chosen were stackable, the high table and dividers were on castors, the mobile media wall is ‘plug and play’, and the tables were tilt top.

We had the challenge of creating four distinct sections, without using any fixed walls. In order for these to be useable, and bookable, we had to consider acoustics. We explored several layout options, and decided to use OCEE Design’s Fabrics Wall to divide the zones. These moveable walls are lightweight, sustainable, and helped to control acoustics within each space.

Our design team produced the initial space plans, furniture options and final 3D concept visuals. We continued the blue and grey of the existing colour scheme and added a pop of yellow to give the area its own identification.

This space is still incredibly popular, and with such a creative design can see why!

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